Friday, August 2, 2013

Tangle Card Challenge #4 - Kaleido

And on to... what is it?... Round 4... wow

Everyone seems to have gotten a little overwhelmed with the last two tangle patterns being on the more difficult side. So this week we will take a little bit of a breather and do a fairly easy one. Kaleido is like a checkerboard where someone (maybe a Lilah Bean?) has kicked all the vertical lines so they fall whilly-nilly. The horizontal lines stay parallel to each other. As you can see from my sample above with the Lilah Bean's hair, it works great with curved lines as well - just keep the horizontals straight. Or not... see what happens! Kaleido also looks really cool used as the "string" for a Zentangle - instead of coloring in the black sections - try using another tangle!

Post your art on the Beez Ink Studio Facebook Page.

The winner will be chosen next Thursday, August 8th, sometime after lunch. ;-)

Don't be afraid to post whatever you come up with - any skill level is welcome.
Let's see what you've got!

To see all the contest details, read this post.

Entries from Round 1 can be seen here.
Round 2 is here.
And Round 3 is here.

Kaleido is from the Kidz Edition card pack. The Tangle card packs can be pre-ordered HERE.

And also be sure to take a look at the tag contest on the Zentangle for Kidz blog.


  1. Bless you for the toned down tangle! I went through a lot of graph paper last week just trying to get anything close enough looking. Not pretty at all.

  2. I was getting that vibe from a lot of people! This is supposed to be fun. :-)

  3. OK, I got my Kaleido piece posted on your FB page, with yet more Celtic influences. Blessings!


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