Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tangle of the Week - Crescent Moon

This week's Tangle is Crescent Moon. I consider this a "foundation" tangle as I often use it as my starting point and have other patterns grow out of it. I also love to put little patterns inside the moon shape and stripe-y patterns in the surrounding auras.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Geeky!? I know you want one too...

This weekend, everyone, I mean EVERYONE!, helped put my new trike... er ahem... Adult 3-wheeler... together.
It's actually pretty cool. The proof being that I never get a chance to ride it because someone else is always on it! I wanted something to ride to the studio and be able to lug along some "stuff" (nice big basket). Also I got a cool front-mount baby carrier for Lilah and it is a lot more reassuring to have 3 wheels holding us both up! Just beyond it is a glimpse of Lilah's totally awesome, super-adorable retro-pink trike. Why don't they make this stuff for us too?

Total non-sequitor:
A few weeks ago, we all went to the great new exhibit at the Currier Gallery in Manchester of David Macaulay's illustrations ("The Way Things Work" etc). I didn't get to read more than a few of the descriptions next to the art, but here's a quote from one of them that I really loved:
"It isn't necessary to think in a straight line to make sense.
While uncertainty brings with it the chance for screaming failure,
it also offers the possibility of exhilarating surprise."
Great, eh? Besides his being an amazingly talented artist, and having the same first and middle names as my brother, Mr. Macaulay also has a place in my heart as the person who FINALLY got me out of school. He took over as dean of my dept. at RISD, reviewed my transcripts, and said the golden words: "huh... did you know you have enough credits to graduate this spring?" Thank you! Thank you - THANK you! Anyway, it was a good show.

Tangled Up!

Shelly really enjoyed my class! Is it a scarf or a book? Hmmm... look here for some more pics!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tangle of the Week - Finery

I like to put curlies on the ends of the veins. (I put curlies on everything!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Goodbye to Gnu!

The Gnu was varnished and then taken off by truck to be clear-coated. The Gallery at Wingdoodle is SOOOOO empty. Boohoo. But the Gnu looked so lovely. I am proud of the work all 9 artists did! Here are a few more shots.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tangle of the Week - Meer

I will try to post (at least one) a new tangle pattern every week. Some will be official Zentangles, others will be patterns I have discovered. I hope you enjoy them. If you would like to get some of these Tangle ATCs that I designed, to record your own designs on, I sell them in packages of 10 for $4.95, plus shipping or you can get them in bulk from my Zazzle store (*)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

If we forget about the grouchy boy, high-fever-girl and cranky Gramma at the nursing home... this was a really nice weekend! It was nice to have Kayla helping out too - weekends always go smoother with someone else watching the baby! Kayla is, technically, Lilah's babysitter. She started out as a mother's helper and progressed to personal hairdresser, jungle gym, big sister and bodyguard. She has been taking care of Lilah since she was about 2 months old. It's amazing to think of how many adult sitters Lilah has blown through in only two years. No surprise Kayla is thinking about joining the National Guard. Someday she'll have her own reality TV show I think.

Now her mom, SherRee, is working at Wingdoodle. Well... "working" is not the right word... she's actually taken over my position. Creative Director, Arts/Crafts Manager, Teacher, Demo Table Facilitator, Chief Store Blogger... you get the idea! This weekend she had an adorable Make-It/Take-It at the demo table with die-cut bunny baskets and Wingdoodle-y M&M's. She sent me a bunch of cute pics she took from behind the demo table. These are my favorites.

(Kayla has taught Lilah lots of very important things - like which M&M colors taste best!)

I imagine SherRee will have more photos from this weekend on the blog, so be sure to check it out. She's an "Extreme Blogger" so you can always get the latest news about stamping products, cool gifts at the store, classes and interesting projects. Shameless plug: go look at the Wingdoodle blog! - Thanks! :-)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Shady Gnu

People have been tangling like crazy! I was at Wingdoodle til 11 last night working on the shading. The nose needs some color, then the whole thing gets varnished and then it's farewell! There will be a big Gnu Preview party at theNew London Inn on May 24th at 5pm. It will be very exciting to see all the decorated Gnus in one place! If you'd like to see more photos of the tangled gnu and the shaded gnu, I've posted a whole bunch to my flickr pages. Here's one to tempt you! And it's a good example of what shading can do for a Zentangle.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Zentangle Class Schedule

I posted a schedule of Zentangle workshops I'll be teaching this spring, on my studio blog - Beez in the Belfry. Click the link, above, to see the post. Well... I won't be teaching them on my blog, the list is there, the classes will be in my studio space - The Belfry (above Wingdoodle). It was hard to make a schedule - there are so many things happening in the next few months! In a few weeks, I'm off to Art and Soul in Virginia, then there's Spring Into Warner, on May 16th and Squam Art Workshops in June... (and France this fall!!! eeee! I'm SO excited!) OK, breathe...

So, I finished my Fat Book pages for Art and Soul. The theme this year is "Rock 'n' Roll at Art 'n' Soul" so I did "Rockin' Robin". I used Ranger Inks to spray large pieces of canvas paper. I carved the words and stamped them, die-cut the birds from old sheet music and rubbed their tummies with red PanPastel, photocopied two charms (sunglasses and microphone) and glued them down. The bird is mounted with an accordian hinge so he "rocks" a little. I made 45 pages. Whew-eee!

Zentangle Class Schedule for Spring

Upcoming Workshops

Zentangle 101
Learn the basics of Zentangle - a relaxing form of meditation that uses pattern-making to focus your mind. Approx. 2.5 hours. No drawing experience necessary (Really!)
Class= $35 Kit fee= $10

Zentangle - In Depth
Learn new, more complex patterns, shading and how to achieve a 3-D effect. Basic Zentangle experience is required.
Class= $35 Kit fee= $10

Tangle Share
Learn new patterns, share your own designs. Informal workshop with time to work on tiles and ask questions. Bring your kit. Other materials provided.
Class= $20

Workshops are held at The Belfry studio above Wingdoodle, in Warner, NH. The building is #19 on Main Street, in the center of town. For directions to Warner, please email Sandy at or call Wingdoodle at 603-456-3515. Please be aware that the studio is on the second floor and there is no elevator available.

Sandy Steen Bartholomew is a Certified Zentangle Teacher, an illustrator, and a mixed-media artist. She also designs rubber stamps and paints furniture. To learn more, or see examples of her work, visit Beez Ink Studio online at

If you would like to arrange a Zentangle class for yourself or your organization, please email Sandy at A minimum of 4 people is required.
For a list of certified Zentangle teachers available outside of the NH area, visit

  • Wed. April 22, 10am-12:30pm Zentangle 101 ... $45
  • Sat. May 16, 10am-1:00pm OPEN STUDIO ... Free! (Visit the studio during Spring Into Warner)
  • Wed. May 20, 10am-12:30pm Zentangle In Depth ... $45
  • Sat. May 23, 1:00-3:30pm Zentangle 101 ... $45
  • Sun. May 31, 3:00-5:00pm Tangle Share ... $20
  • Sat. June 13, 1:00-3:30pm Zentangle 101 ... $45
  • Sat. June 20, 1:00-3:30pm Zentangle In Depth ... $45
  • Wed. June 24, 10am-12:00pm Tangle Share ... $20
Class Fee Total __________

Have you done Zentangle before?________________
Deadline to register is one week before the date of the class. Classes with fewer than 2 people will be cancelled. To register, please leave this form, with your check payable to Sandra Bartholomew, at Wingdoodle or mail to:
BEEZ ink Studio
PO Box 359, Warner, NH 03278

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gnus News

The gnu is almost completely tangled! Next we have to add a bit of color, then the shading. And I need to take some more photos!

Meanwhile, I carved a gazillion stamps for the Gnus of Gnu London grand tour to take place this summer. This photo shows them partially carved and not cut apart yet.

If you would like to learn to carve your own rubber stamps, I will be offering classes in my Belfry Studio. I will have the class descriptions and dates up in a few days on my Studio website and the Studio blog. I'm trying to work out dates for carving classes, Zentangle workshops and maybe a fabric (t-shirts) painting class.


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