Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Break!

If you are in school, and you get Spring Break, you are supposed to head to the beach, right?

I went to the Maine coast! I spent a few days hanging out at my sister's house in Bar Harbor. She's renovating a house nearby to rent as apartments in the summer. She's ripping out floors and painting...

I avoided helping, hung out in her lovely family room...

... and local cafes...

... drawing comics for school!
I wandered around town (mostly boarded up) looking at the beautiful houses.

Then I headed down to Ogunquit, just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

Leprechaun traps?
 I was in desperation mode, having missed my fall ocean-fix this year (I started school!) and just standing there, looking at the waves went a long way to heal my brain.

And sitting by the fire pit drinking Salted-Caramel Bailey's with Vanilla Absolut vodka... (mmmmm!)

 My friend Debbee was able to join me for a day and the OgunquitTangle Zentangle retreat was also going on at the hotel, so I never got the chance to get lonely.

When we checked out, Debbee wrote this great entry in the room's journal:


Then we roamed around town - the chocolate shop...

And the Art Galleries...

Abacus is one of my favorites! I REALLLLLLY want this amazing cabinet. And I want to design and build a house to go with it!

I had such a wonderful vacation.
I hadn't realized how badly I needed it - as if the extreme depression I'd been experiencing wasn't a clue, right? I'd have to say that the instinct to "run away" is not something to be ignored.


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