Sunday, February 28, 2010

New (Official!) Zentangle Blog

The folks over at Zentangle have just started a blog - finally! There's not much there yet, but I'm sure they'll fill it up soon.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tangle of the Week - Hairy

This is my most recent Zentangle drawing for our ongoing WCANH Journal Challenge. The string in this book (the challenge) is the shape of a fish.

I've included a few tangles from the book I'm working on. Don't you love the Japanese waves in the background? And the tail is based on a pattern by Karenann Young, called Hairy.

I think I will put this fish in the book too, maybe in the section on shading. I actually remembered to scan the drawing before I shaded it. That's the sort of thing I always think of afterwards! (I'd love to do a coloring book).

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zentangle Books

There are two booklets out now from Design Originals on Zentangle. The basics book is geared toward the educatin field with ideas on how to use Zentangle in the classroom. The second book repeats some of the info from the first book and provides a bunch of patterns with step-by-step instructions. The second book uses the same method that I use on my trading cards (Tangle of the Week) with the next step drawn in red. The first book is all black and white.

No, these are not MY books, and YES I AM working really hard on mine! I have a lot of incredible pieces sent in by talented tanglers and I'm trying to move stuff around to fit them all. One artist sent me about 10 tangled tiles (say that fast!) and said to pick the one I like and chuck the rest. Are you NUTS!? They are all gorgeous. What to do, what to do? :-D  Back to work (working on the cover!)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Zentangle Stuff

So, I ran away from home (again) to spend a week in a hotel room ONLY working on this new Zentangle book. In some ways - it was heaven: eat-draw-sleep. In other ways, it was heck - eat-draw-sleep. I do work rather slowly, so I realize that I made need to run away at least three more times in order to finish this book! The good news is that I really like most of what I have done so far. :-)

Now that I am back, my Etsy store is open again - you can order your AlphaTangle book, if you don't have one yet (how is that posible?). I have also added some other Zentangle items and supplies. I have the Official Zentangle Kits, bulk packs of tiles, Micron pens, and an Accessory Kit in a little metal box.


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