Thursday, August 8, 2013

Results of Tangle Contest #4 - Kaleido

It was nice to have an easy week wasn't it? Nevertheless - there were clever and beautiful solutions for this tangle - Kaleido.

Kailey McEvilly

Jean Chaney

Vicki Gentry
Arnoldo Romero

Becki Miller (Week #3 Winner)

Debra Castaldi

Dennie York

Faith Kaminsky Cohen

Ginny Stiles

Janneke de Lange

Lena Ulses

Lesley Scott-Gillilan

Lila Popcheff

Lynne Norikane Newberry

Meridiana Major

Nicole Kelly

Penny Brouckaert

Rita Nikolajeva

Traci Frogley

The winner is.... 
Maya Hardcastle's "Kaleid-ohm"!!

Maya Hardcastle - "Kaleid-ohm"
Maya's piece is simple and yet really plays up the fun "trick" of hiding another image inside Kaleido.
(Maya let me know where you would like me to send your brand-spankin'-new pack of Tangle Cards!)

Seeing all these interesting variations reminded me that this is a tangle I have been wanting to play with a lot more.

Tomorrow I will post the pattern for Tangle Challenge #5... AND #6.. Ooo-la-la.... ;-D


  1. Congrats to the last couple of winners i missed praising! Yay you guys intimidate me ! All of you who entered. Wow! Makes me want to try harder and really inspires me. I feel humbled. Mine look so ...hmmm.....unpolished compared. Wow!
    Mary L.

  2. Great job to everyone. I look forward to every Thursday for the contest results.

  3. This pattern is much more versatile than i thought! I gotta try it more!


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