Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mural Revisited

I "found" these two photos of my son interacting with the Star Wars mural I did this past summer. (See earlier post). He is such a ham. His sister is too. Last night, he was the narrator for the Sunday School Christmas pageant. When the music started, his sister broke out of the pew and RAN up on stage next to Alex and started shaking her hands in the air and stomping her feet. It was such a hoot! I once called him a "drama king". He said, "I prefer Dramatically Gifted". :-)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

And we're OFF!... No... wait...

Because the 2nd floor is shared, my builder-guy can only do "noisy" work on Fridays when the other tenant is not around. And last Friday we had an inconvenient ice storm, so no work at all. I have noticed that the destruction phase is very impressive and seems to have lots going on. The construction phase, too, is impressive. But then the so-called "finish" phase dwindles to a crawl. I'm getting impatient and the weather is making me pissy too.

I really want to get in there and start making it my own space before I lose all motivation and hibernate instead. I've been working on some parts outside of the studio - but only after working hours. My "neighbor" has office hours and appointments with people sitting in the waiting room, so I don't want to get in their way. I painted the teeny bathroom sky blue. We used to call it the Brady-Bunch Bathroom because of the 70's color scheme and the brown trim and brown pineapple wallpaper! It took three coats of Kilz to cover the pineapples! I painted the ceiling, walls, everything , blue and I plan to add some cloud artwork later.

I had the kitchen door walled over, so that blank space screamed "Mural!" to me. The rest of the waiting room (I prefer "lobby") is decorated (by my neighbor) in typical country style. So I thought I'd make my presence known with a huge purple chalkboard and a golden frame with bees. It is still in progress. I was very excited to discover that, not only does Krylon make brushable chalkboard paint, but they also make "tint-able" chalkboard paint!! So I didn't have to settle for black - I got BeezInk purple. Awesome!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ice Storm

Maybe I'm a whiner, or maybe I am just a truly introverted person who doesn't enjoy having my personal space invaded for days at a time. Five people (2 kids) holed up in a hotel room is not much fun. YES! I AM grateful that we had a hotel room available to us - with heat and TV and warm showers and a pool. Our house was freezing cold and I felt terrible for the cats. The whiny, ungrateful part of me was devastated that our town's Holiday Shopping Tour was canceled. We've been working on it for half the year and it was going to be awesome. The businesses are trying to pull together to reschedule it for this weekend - I really hope it succeeds. I probably don't need to mention that this time of year is crucial to the survival of our (tiny) business! We have a lot to make up for this year and missing a shopping weekend before Christmas can be devastating. Needless to say, we are working on getting a generator!

And again, I know that tons of people are still suffering heat and power loss, but my son is back in school today. I think his is the only school open in the state! But his school play was cancelled last week because of the storm and supposedly there is no make-up performance. How cruel is that?! These kids rehearsed like crazy and... nothing. There's got to be something that can be done.

Isn't it weird how your priorities change? And it's painful to be faced with how dependent we are on electricity too. As if there isn't already enough built-in stress to this time of year! Now we have all these other - important- things to worry about too. I think I'm feeling very "bah-humbug-y", but it seems like, even if I wanted to do something Merry and Giving, that people only want cash or brand new toys. I don't feel very useful or Joyful. I just want to crawl into bed. I'd love to hear how others (introverts, especially!) salvage this time of year - or even how to make it wonderful. I mean it! I'd really like to at least TRY!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Beez in the Belfry

Another blog!? I guess the title is appropriate for many reasons - namely - I must be crazy!
Actually, I'm trying to convert the old classroom, upstairs above Wingdoodle, my shop, into a new studio space. Yes, I have an old studio space and I intend to keep using it, but with an 11 yo and a 2 yo constantly traipsing through there, I need a space that is off-limits and dedicated to working. I also have been imagining that if I could leave the house to "go to work" I might get more done. Well, it's an experiment anyway!

So there were actually two large parts to this plan. The first part was to turn the front corner of the store - what we refer to as the gallery-corner, into a... gallery. More of a showroom, really, for my work - the stuff I plan to make upstairs in the new studio. Stained glass, painted furniture, etc. The second part is to convert the upstairs space into the studio. SO! I have finished the first part. I had flat trees built to create a stage set feel and hung some green drapes too. I painted the walls bright blue, gold and bronze and put all my art in there.

And I sold a few things! Cool!! And I got mentioned in a blog! Kearsarge Directory

There are more pictures of the Beehive at my website and Wingdoodle's website.

So now I have the more difficult task of completing the upstairs renovations! Why difficult? Because I don't have the threat of public humiliation to push me to finish!

Balloon Head

I think my baby girl is a balloon head! She celebrated her 2nd birthday this past weekend and the best part of the party (for her) was the "forest" of balloons. Twenty-four blue balloons with long spirally tails floating around the dining room. It was like the scene from "Ice Age" where the squirrel finally gets to heaven and it's paved with acorns... balloooooons! By the next day they were down on the floor and trailing after her like puppies. Today (yes, they are still here!) they look a bit more like raisins and I think they are starting to scare her. Tonight they will magically disappear.

Her dress (from Hanna Anderson - they had a great sale a few weeks ago!) well, it looks like a Hostess cupcake! My husband decorated the cake and cupcakes to match. Yep, that's right, my husband. He made all the other food too. Of course, he waited until the morning of the party to even START cooking and then forgot to buy eggs. But if he had actually planned ahead, then he'd be perfect, and who wants a perfect husband, right? ;-)

Any perfect mommies who stumbled upon this post hoping to find great toddler party tips should back away now! I think we broke all the rules on this one. We had an evening party. All the kids were older than Lilah, and there were tons of people with no kids at all. My 11 year old was in charge of entertainment which included a frantic "treasure hunt" covering the entire house (but NOT my studio - I said "no!") and piano bashing (we recently got an out of tune piano through FreeCycle). The birthday girl, and her mom wore black, (it did have a very sweet puffball fringe!) And the color scheme had no pink at all (blue and silver with a few black penguins). The "treasure" party-favors were really cool little collectible "blind-box" toys from Kid Robot that had interchange-able body sections so the kids could actually trade parts. They are called "Critter Splitters". Then my son went around offering everyone, adults included, giant, striped chenille stems (pipe cleaners). I was surprised that many adults accepted them, and even requested certain colors, and stood stroking them as they chatted. They are very silky and fun to twist. Good for us introverted, nervous types, too. But it made for a strange scene - grown-ups (in a balloon forest) with stripey giant pipe cleaners in one hand and a beer in the other. (oh... you're not supposed to serve beer at a toddler party? oops.) Don't believe me? Here's my own dad making a tiger. Yes, it IS a tiger, he even followed the instructions on the packaging!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Art in the Olympics

Guest blogger for today: my son Alex, age 11. Actually, he had to write a "persuasive" paper and chose to write about Art in the Olympics. I thought it was a hoot! And he said it was fine if I posted it. I particularly love the last line!

Alex Bartholomew
The Artistic Resurrection

From 1912-1948 artistic competitions were held in the Olympics. Events were in architecture, literature, music, painting and sculpture. These were cancelled however, due to the lack of preparation time and the non-professional rule which states that professional athletes and musicians weren’t allowed to compete in the Olympics. The Olympic viewers didn’t enjoy amateur art, so the whole contest was rejected. Now that the professionalism rule has been permanently abolished, I believe art should be re-introduced in the Olympics. Many people would enjoy its return, including artists, viewers, and the people responsible for the Olympics themselves.
First of all this would help the artists and musicians that are entering these competitions. A lot of artists do not have the fame they need to sell their work and need the chance to show the world what they can achieve. Radio and TV broadcasting makes Olympic athletes as well-known as a light in a darkroom. If someone local wanted to purchase one of their "Olympic-winning" pieces, the artist would be quite satisfied with themselves. But however happy this would make them, other people can be just as content.
Whether from TV or the real deal, Olympic viewers are served, too, especially if they're someone who doesn't watch the Olympics because they don't like sports. Or maybe an art collector that needs a competition that suits their needs. Maybe an artist to be inspired! An art collector could find the artist and and purchase their work. But however rich the artists are getting, and however close to completion collectors collections are getting, and however much citizen are watching TV, there are people who might just be the happiest of them all.
The Olympic managers! With more people to watch the new addition, they get a massive budget-boost! All the money could be used to pay for some of next years Olympics. Plus the point of the Olympics is international cooperation. if you add more to the Olympic games, it just means more cooperation. Along that note, Olympic workers can come in contact with more people they'd like to know. Instead of just athletes they can meet artists and musicians too. Olympic workers would love an artistic addition to the Olympics.
If artists are too timid to make themselves known within their own states or provinces, they might not enter a worldwide Olympics. They might not think they are important enough to bother with a circumnavigating flight. A simple solution would be to have state-wide competitions that would lead to a regional, to an national, and then to the Olympics. This could lure them from their caves and decrease the number of competitors. Another matter includes the objection that it would make the Olympics longer and more boring. THIS IS NONSENSE!!! The Artistic Olympics could be placed in between the Summer and Winter Olympics. They could be prepared for in an Olympic-like fashion in a completely different country and city. The other opposition is that art is too subjective to be properly judged. This is probably true, however so is judging a criminal on trial. A panel of average citizens representing the competing countries would be randomly picked for a jury. As of these requirements, art would be quite an enjoyable plan.
As you see here, I believe that everyone can withdraw some joy from the addition of art to the Olympics. When this act follows through, a beautiful art piece that would've been lost for eternity can now fall into the gaping jaws of human necessity.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gallery Shows

I have work up at the Mill Brook Gallery in Concord, NH and at Interior Additions (also in Concord). Both are shows for the WCA/NH (Women's Caucus for Art) and both run through the middle of December. The Mill Brook Show is called "Vision Keepers" and the IA show is our annual 6x6 Show (all works 6" square and $66).

These pieces are all available for purchase from the galleries (mosaics - Mill Brook, Time Fairy collages - Interior Additions)


My Halloween post - posted really late:

Halloween is not only my favorite holiday, but it is also my wedding anniversary. Sixteen years. Amazing. Why did I think that this would be a good day to have an anniversary? We get hundreds of kids banging on our door and any idea of celebrating on our own goes kablooey. I LOVE carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating, but the idea of asking neighbors for candy has always felt weird to me. My son and I started the tradition of handing out our own treats, house to house, and now my daughter is getting in on the fun too. This year, my son drew a whole bunch of adorable, spooky bookmarks and we attached little chenille spiders to them as tassels. Some of the neighbors claim they have collected all his gifts over the years!

I didn't get to carve a pumpkin this year, so here is a drawing of one from last year:

I got to dress up for a costume party too, this year - and I stumbled across my alter-ego. I was sort-of a darke faerie, but with a better sense of humor! I played with the photos my husband took, in Photoshop and decided that this is what "Sakhmet" would look like:

Perhaps it is time to have a mid-life rebellion? Well, maybe this Spring, when I'm not so tired!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We all went to an amazing FairyHouse garden Tour in Portsmouth, NH recently. My mother-in-law shot this picture of my daughter - and I'm having urges to paint it with oversized flowers in the background...

...and perhaps you have always wondered, how a fairy gets around with those filmy wings?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Make-a-Wish Mural

A few months ago I saw an ad in the local paper about an 11 year-old boy who had suddenly been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. He was having chemo and radiation and his family was asking for donations to help out. I ripped out the info and begged my husband to write a check (he did!). But I wanted to do more. The story struck a chord with me on so many levels. Not only do I have a son of the same age, who also loves Star Wars and Legos, but I had a similar tumor-experience when I was that same age. I was one of only 3 cases, at the time, and all treatments were experimental. I was told I probably wouldn't live past 25 and I wouldn't have children. I turned 39 on Monday (Happy Birthday to me!) and I have two awesome kids! So, I've always wanted to be able to share my good fortune - or maybe pay it back... or pay it forward?- whatever- I wanted to do something!

Then, out of the blue an artist friend asked if I'd help her do a Star Wars mural for a sick kid and I said "yes!" (even though I am supposed to say "no" to everything right now). Guess what? It turned out to be a mural for this same 11 year old!

Make-a-Wish granted his dream of having a movie theatre in his basement - complete with a huge tv screen on the wall, luxurious reclining seats with cupholders, an intimidating stack of electronics, Darth Vader popcorn cart, foosball, lots of legos, and our mural. It was amazing. (sigh) So... here are some pics of our lovely mural. The idea was that the stormtroopers have blasted a hole in his wall and are fighting a big battle in the docking bay. The Naboo fighter is on a different wall. I picked it because it was yellow ("ooo... pretty!") and we got tired of painting gray stormtoopers. Yes, I know, they aren't actually storm troopers, my son corrected me on everything, but that's what I call them. :-) If anyone else wants Jen and me to paint a mural for them, we are even better at fairies and such - or at least the fuzzier Star Wars characters!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Work of Art

Well, that one Parent Visitation Day came and went. I do think summer months move faster than other months... anyway... we were SO excited to visit the kid. There was a mad rush of parents towards kids and kids towards parents. It resembled some battle scene from the movies, but with smiles and boxes of donuts and gifts instead of weapons. The baby was sitting on her daddy's shoulders and launched forward to hug her brother. She wouldn't let go!! When we finally got the two separated, and set the baby down, she rammed her brother to the ground and wrapped her arms around his neck! 

These two have GOT to be my greatest masterpieces. sniff sniff. I know, it's corny. But so many people told me they were too far apart in age, they would resent each other, I was insane to start again now... blah blah blah!  When I think about it though, in my more confident days, all it really took was someone telling me I couldn't do something to seal the deal. "Oh really? I'll prove you wrong!" So, in my own twisted way, raising two kids (in this very strange world) who really, really enjoy each other and appreciate each other - is my way of saying "oh yah?! Watch me!!"

Monday, June 30, 2008

Where'd it GO?

OK... Did I blink or something and miss the entire month of June!!? Yikes.
I ran off for 5 days to the Foxwoods Casino for a toy store retailer's conference. (It was AWESOME!) I told everyone "I'll deal with IT when I get back." Everything, yes, I'd take care of everything when I returned. When I returned I was deluged. And I took care of nothing. Then my baby got sick (high fever, ER, ear infections, antibiotic reaction, cry cry cry baby - cry mommy too). Somewhere in the midst of this chaos my son went off to camp. For the first time. For four weeks. With only one parent visitation day in the middle of July. I think he left yesterday. Yeh, OK, I miss him a ton.

But before all hell broke loose, I did do a piece of art I really am proud of. In my WCA-NH group we chose a tapestry at the Currier Museum of Art and we all did our own interpretations of it. This is mine. "Tapestry Mosaic" is all polymer clay, except for the glass bits on the edges. I also used colored pencils and watercolor for the tapestry drawings (on polymer clay).

Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Art & Soul...

Here are a few more things I made at Art & Soul. Prepared Journals and Metal Mesh collages. When I have a chance to take better photos, I'll add them to my website.

Art & Soul!!

I had such a great time at Art & Soul!!! My classes were: Perching Pixies with Stephanie Rubiano (I perched them on a canvas), Vintage Metal Treasure Deck with Leighanna Light (I turned the cards into a book), Master Metal Mesh with LK Ludwig, Fabric Persona Journal with Keely Barham (I converted the book into a panel) and The Prepared Journal with Traci Bunkers.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Art & Soul - Virginia

I just finished this piece for Art & Soul Virginia. Just. I'm flying out tomorrow. That's cutting it a bit close! Now, I just have to PACK! I need an art retreat so badly. My kids have been a great help in getting me psyched for this. I had been feeling mommy guilt pangs about leaving my kids for a whole week! (Bad mommy!) But little one has been up teething and howling almost every night for the past week or two, so I'm not feeling as guilty. Really. I'm sure her daddy can handle it all just fine. Really. Just fine. :-)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ooo Baby Baby

I made this "painting" as a gift for a little girl not yet born. My sister-in-law is expecting in May and she got enough baby clothes to start her own store. I wanted to give a gift that would last more than 6 months. This painting has lots of interesting textures to keep the baby's eyes and hands busy. Alex (my kid) and I made a painting like this with his fairy characters for his sister when she was born (over a year ago! yikes!). She talks to the fairies and waves and blows kisses... I have to make her one like this too, with her name on it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hampton Art & Soul Fat Pages

Here's a look at a few of the pages I made for the Hampton Art & Soul FatBook. I've never worked on a FatBook before, but this was a lot of fun. I usually don't like having to make multiples of something (I hate repetitive tasks!). In this case I had to make 28 - 4x4" pages. I used a huge sheet of watercolor paper and embossed the fish designs (stamps from Fred Mullett) with clear embossing powder. Then I spray different shades of green and blue dyes (from Ranger) on the paper and sprayed clean water to make the colors run. I like how some of the streaks look like seaweed!. I cut out windows and glued in the beaded trim. Lastly, I added glitter-glue bubbles. I can't wait to see the finished book!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Good creepy YA novels

I just finished reading two really good Young Adult novels. This is my favorite type of book - much better than adult stories. 
 TUNNELS by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams is about an ancient civilization deep within the earth and a boy who loves to dig. Strange concept, but it is a wonderful creepy, adventure story that reminded me of Jules Verne. It also made me think of the old Infocom adventure game "Zork" - especially when the boys are exploring the ancient, deserted city with crumbling ruins. I've seen some reviews recently that call it the next Harry Potter. I think that's silly. Even books that are about a boy wizard going to a magical school, like the Charlie Bone series, are not the next Harry Potter books - and they should be enjoyed on their own merits. I think books can be enjoyed and adored without having to be compared to Harry (who I do love too). I think the true magic of the HP books was not that they made JK Rowling very rich and provided lots of marketing opps, but that they reintroduced all ages to the magic of reading and made publishers more willing to take risks on unusual themes and new writers.

The second book I finished was  100 CUPBOARDS  by N.D. Wilson. I was attracted by the cover illustration! (Hey, I'm an artist.) But the book lives up to the promise of the lush, dangerous doors on the jacket. This story starts with a boy in an attic bedroom and crumbling plaster revealing slowly turning door knobs. Oooh - chills! Of course, the doors go to other worlds, BUT they are tiny doors, so you can't just walk through... Oh, and his parents disappeared in South America... and why can't anyone open the door to Grampa's bedroom (he died two years before). I love these creepy mysteries!! Both these books are series and I can't stand waiting a year for the next book! Aaah!
And speaking of Harry Potter, the difference between these books and HP that makes them more appealing and believable, is that the kids make use of the adults in the story. Weird, huh? Classic fairy tales kill off the parents so the kids can have more interesting adventures. These modern stories may have a parent disappear or be kidnapped, but the other adults in the story are still important. And it's not just because I'm an adult now that I like this change, but my son has also noticed it. YA stories, in the past left me feeling really lonely and lost because the character always had to solve everything on their own - and sometimes failed. Depressing. And being a teenager is hard enough without the messages that "yes, you really are alone" and "don't trust grown-ups". My son kept asking me why Harry didn't ask for help? He often kept information from his professors, or Hagrid or Dumbledore. Sure, it would have changed the plot, I know, but it would have made more sense in most cases. Anyway, I find it refreshing to read about adults who are part of the mystery, who believe in the magic, who get credit for having creative solutions, for caring about the kids and helping them sort things out. That seems so much more realistic. Having a grown-up, an adult, you can trust and talk to, makes all those confusing years so much more bearable. Adults do have a place in stories - they can be useful and helpful and even fun. And I'm glad that message is showing up in the new stories.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Zentangled MUNNY

Oh I had fun doing this! It was hard to keep my hands steady, but I managed to Zentangle a MUNNY from KidRobot. I used a Pigma Micron black pen and it took a few days for the ink to dry to a non-smearing state.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Finally some artwork!

I have been working on the "Red" book in a round robin with some other women artists. Called  "Hues'n Views" -  12 artists each have a month to work on an altered book before sending it on. There are only a few books left. Then we'll do a big show. I haven't seen my original book ("Jewel Tones") since I sent it off! I was excited to have the Red book for February - seemed like a no-brainer to do something for Valentine's Day. It's taken me a week to get around to scanning it, but here it is, in honor of Valentine's!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ooo an Adventure!

    I'm going to ToyFair. I'm going to ToyFair!! I've wanted to go for 20 years. When I was in art school in NY I walked past the Toy Showrooms and the toy building and dreamed of seeing all the cool new stuff inside. (I LOVE toys!) I don't love the electronic plastic, big box, ooh & aah-then-toss-it kind of toys. I love German toys, cool figures, action figures, original dolls, weird underground figures. My studio and home are filled with figures. My studio window frames are lined with Legos, Fabuland creatures, old Fisher-Price Little People. My treehouse is all Legos and Playmobil castle..... and this all before I had kids!! (I'm not good at sharing either). Oh, and I also love monsters made by Charleen Kinser. We have two Closet Beastie Toos. I've been haunting ebay for years trying to get my FP Castle some new royalty. My brother threw all the figures, except the prince and the dragon, into our fire place. No, I'll never forgive him! It's amazing how much they sell for, though, so the little prince may have to live alone. Well, not really alone, he's got Strawberry Shortcake and Holly Hobbie for company. 
     I had a lot of compromising to do when my son was little - Legos and Playmobil. But I think it will be even worse now with a 14 month old girl! I need to get another Castle for my daughter! The new ones just aren't the same. The old one wasn't girly, and it wasn't violent-boy. Anyone could have a good adventure.

      So... ToyFair. Now, 20 years later, I have a REAL toystore and I can officially attend ToyFair - which is at Javitts Center in NYC. A little bit different than the showrooms, but I'm not too fussy. I will drag myself past the 3000 vendors in search of really GOOD toys. The kind you can actually PLAY with. (What's the point of a toy that does everything itself?) In search of the toys that will be desperately sought after on eBay 20 years from now. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Art Center?

Sometimes it is hard to shake a dream. A dream as in a nightmare type thing or a goal-type dream. A few years ago I started having dreams about a little girl with reddish hair and blue eyes. Even though I had been sure that I only wanted to have one child - who was 8 at that time - and even though my family thought I was insane, and my friends thought I'd not been "careful" - I knew this little girl was meant to be part of my family. Today, she's 1 year and 2 months old. And she has reddish hair and blue eyes.

I have another dream - of being part of a local Art Center. A place with studios - big ones! And lots of creative, fun people, and sunshine. Everywhere I've lived, I've tried to get into a place like that. In my little town, there is no place like that. But all of a sudden, there's a huge barn-like warehouse available up the mountain from town. And now I can't stop the visions! I dream about huge studios, a black-box type theatre, a dance studio, workrooms for art classes... and down the center of the space, an ArtWalk. Our town is so cold and windy in the winter (all 6!) that you can't really go outside with your kids. I imagine a space between the studios with skylights for sunshine and street lamps for evening light, park benches and sculptures to climb on. A little cafe near the playground and murals all the way down the walkway. Parents and babysitters could bring kids and strollers and get culture and get rid of cabin fever. Joggers could run safely too.

I've been trying to network and get advice and encouragement... but even though many people like the idea and would like to have a studio... no one really wants to have to build and organize such a thing. The last person I talked to (whose hobby it is to rejuvenate old buildings for new businesses) told me it wouldn't be worth the money it would take to fix it up - and I didn't want to become an administrator. That's true, I suppose. I don't want the headaches and the paperwork - I just want to be a part of the studio-life! 

Who knows what will happen. I called another person for advice and she asked me to be on a Board for the rejuvenation of a local school into a community center. Close... but still not a studio. Maybe what I really need is better organization, a really good babysitter and momentum to just MAKE stuff. Stop thinking about art and ideas and time to start DOING them!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

What to do, what to do?

A glitch... but it goes back to a glyph (mystery). I'm being advised (coerced?) by husband, lawyer and other friends to give up designing rubber stamps. I'm not going to explain "why" here because it makes me SO ANGRY I COULD SCREAM!!!! 
Ahem... so, this is the only successful business I have ever had for such a long time - although not so successful in the past few years. I'd really rather "do art" but I don't know what I'd "do"? I keep coming up with ideas and have half-baked business plans, but I just can't approach it as a business. I've been an illustrator, t-shirt designer, stamp designer, store owner (don't enjoy that very much right now either)... I really like to make things. But not "crafty" stuff. I have ideas for creatures, paintings, products, murals... and I make them, whatever medium they need to be. I don't like trying to sell things, and other than stamps and postcards, I don't like making multiples. I'm an idea person. I have really good ideas. They scare most people. Right now I'd like to turn an old warehouse in town into an AWESOME Art Center. I can't stop thinking about it. I don't have the money and I don't know where to get it from. And I don't want to "run" the center. I just want to design it and then work in a studio there. I'd like to be a part of a group of working artists, and yet, still be independent. Can a serious introvert get lonely? So, the mystery, what do I do with my life? And what if I run out of time?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


A new "glitch". Daycare. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful babysitter to watch my baby daughter a few chunks of time each week. But she has two kids in school and another  18 month old she cares for and between them... the colds just keep circulating. I have a damaged immune system and I've been sick since October. It's very frustrating. But I am supposed to be starting work again, part-time, and this definitely throws a wrench in the plans! I just can't get myself to leave the baby there knowing there are obvious, active germs around. Oh... BUMMER!
My husband said my voice sounds "sexy" with this cold. I think it sounds more like a cell-phone with bad reception.

Friday, January 11, 2008

My Collection Grows

Without realizing it, I have been collecting people. For years, since childhood actually, I have loved figures - especially Lego and Playmobil. My studio is filled with them. The tops of all my windows are lined with mini-figs. Fisher-Price, Holly Hobbie, Strawberry Shortcake, R2D2, TMNTs... does Godzilla count? But lately, I've been collecting people. For a while, it was female business owners. Now, it's gifted and artistic adults. So far, they are mostly internet personalities I have yet to meet in the real world, but I'm still excited to know they exist.

David Seah - who I was super-excited to discover in my own state! - (maybe I'll actually get to meet him?) - is definitely a very talented, gifted, renaissance type of guy. He meets all the criteria for gifted adult including the bizarre sense of humor, angst over his career and direction in life, and obsession with "thinking" about "stuff".  If anyone reading this (does anyone read this?) is of this strange breed of person, please let me know so I can add you to my collection!

Hmm... maybe I should make a mini-fig for each of the people I "collect"...
I need more windows.

Oh! And here's his website so you can read about all the stuff he obsesses about:

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Journaling Class

I'm on Day 6 of a 21 day online Journaling Class. I stumbled across the site while I was surfing from bed a few weeks ago. I was down for a few weeks with strep AND mono (what a combo) and feeling sorry for myself. And cabin fever, too. I had never taken an online class and figured this was the perfect opportunity! I have been having so much fun. I try to take the assignment a step further to challenge myself. But the best part is it is forcing me to do a bit of art everyday and my family puts up with it because it is "homework". :-)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thought Balloons

I had a really strange dream the other night that I keep thinking about. My son had described his own brain as having filing cabinets in it and a very complex, but logical filing system. So I guess I must have been mulling that over. In my dream I could see the workings inside my head and they were all like big, colorful balloons floating around. As I explored between them I saw some deflated balloons and some that looked more like bean bags. Or rather, with that texture. Except that the "beans" were moving inside the balloon! The walls of this cave space were lined like those of Circuit City with TV set images all moving and all different.

That morning, while mulling this all over, I realized how my brain works. In school, I would stuff and cram information into a thought balloon. My mother helped me with rhymes and diagrams and silly pictures to help remember the facts. I'd sit down in front of the exam, my brain feeling blank. But then suddenly, I'd remember the rhyme or picture, and like a pin popping the balloon, the information would flood out over my exam. I usually got a really good grade, but then the information was mostly gone (except for the general ideas - the deflated balloon).

I still stuff my head with movies, books, ideas, etc. But I think that those balloons have developed a "memory" for being popped. Or maybe just a slow-leak! Only information associated with vibrant images seems to stay in my mind. I still need definite visual cues to trigger a memory too.

I discovered what those "bean-filled" balloons are too. They have ping-pong balls in them! I have ideas percolating all the time, but when one of those moving bean balloons gets popped the ping pong balls fly everywhere! There is total chaos in my brain with the idea balls flying everywhere and interrupting all my other thoughts.

The TVs on the walls are the general thoughts and chaos going on in there. 
Yeah, I think too much.

Friday, January 4, 2008

In the beginning

Life seems to be a lot of puzzles and problems to be solved. Good thing I'm a problem-solver. Biggest problem lately has been a feeling of isolation - loneliness. So I thought it might be time to start a new blog. Take a chance, put my thoughts out there and see where it all goes.


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