Friday, August 16, 2013

Art Camp Day 3

Since I ended with the "dye-ing on the beach" last night, I'll show you what the scarves looked like today... 

Here is Linda with her scarf... 

And mine...

And a bunch of the others...

And that bright little glow in the background is the campfire on the beach. I'm waiting patiently for the s'mores we have been promised. So patiently. 

Today was fun... But not as relaxing as yesterday. I slept much better, but woke up from nightmares about my digital boyfriend. (Don't ask) and listened to a lot of good advice at breakfast... But since it was all before 9am, I can't remember any of it. There was more great advice at lunch and that ended with my new friend from Australia saying I had one year to sell off everything, do a Kickstarter campaign, buy an Airstream, and take my daughter on a Tangling Across America caravan adventure. Hmmm... I started the idea, but it grew and grew...

The first class today was Dioramas. We were so cold working in the wood shed. When we took our pieces out to the beach to see if the glue would dry in the sun- we discovered it was a beautiful warm day... In the sun! Who knew?

So yesterday, I had used my teacup to create my Happy Place - Tiny World. Today I used the saucer to create my Dark Place in a cigar box. 

It looks much better in real life. The plate (moon) really glows in the box and makes the people look more like silhouettes under a tree. 

I finished a little early so challenged myself to use up all the extra pieces and the lid of the wooden cigar box. 

Kind of looks like an owl man. Upside down it looks like a bug. 

And the journal sketches:

I spent rest hour listening to the masters discuss biz and websites. 

Mimi Kirchner, Lilla Rogers and Mati Rose McDonough... Hanging out in the lunchroom is just as educational as the classes!

As for the afternoon class... I knew within ten minutes that this was a mistake! Children's Books and Collage with Rebecca Emberly. Rebecca is amazing and knows everything about the industry,  but we were all feeling a little deflated because its not such a happy industry. Then when she spoke about contracts and publishers... Well, let's just say the day took a turn for the worse. :-( When we broke for a short break, we fled for the kitchen looking for cookies. The food lady gave us a trough of salsa and chips and we drowned our sorrows. One of my friends said, "now I understand why your cabin on the rocks (yesterday's post) was so inaccessible!" Indeed. 

We only had about an hour to work on our collages, and I was still obsessing about cookies...

Definitely a theme here?

But we all came back to work on the porch after dinner. 

Ah! We just scarfed down the s'mores

Now- I can go to bed happy!


  1. Looks like you ladies have all had a great time together creating, sharing and learning with each other. Do you dare say where this clandestine but well-documented event has taken place or would you be banished from ever participating in the future, if you divulged such secrets?

    1. Sorry! I've answered all your questions in Day 4's post. :-)

  2. Love this! The secret to increased creativity is "just do it." It's a shape we need others to kick us into gear. BTW, I strongly recommend the book "Steal Like an Artist" by Austin Kleon. It is currently my "things to do" bible.

    Recently, I viewed the Maurice Sendak at the Society of Illustrators with sketch book in hand. I learned sooooo much by doing this! The thing is that I practically live on top of some of the greatest art museums in the world and while I've intellectualized about doing this for decades, it took a book to get me out of the door and, you know, actually do it.

    Wonderful blog, Sandy!

    1. Very true. And I am finding that I retain more info and understand what I see... When I sketch my notes.

  3. Oops, auto-correct inserted the word "shape" in my previous response. The real word was "shame". Wonder what I typed originally.

  4. Sandy, my heart is so happy for you - I sense so much delight in your posts. I smile all the while I am reading about your adventures - you are oozing creative juices out of every pore of your body and you are sharing your wonder with us all! Thank you....I wish and hope your spirits are uplifted and your heart is light when you return. With sincere hugs - Jakki

    1. :-). Thank you! The chocolate chip cookies helped too.

  5. Sandra, I adore your Cookie monster! :-) Better eat them when you are having a hard time. Stay cool!
    Maybe another exercise :-) balancing cookies as a stack on your hand, like the collage :-D HAVE FUN AND RELAX !!!

    1. Sorry Sandra, uh Sandry, uh Snandra, uh.... Sandy.... pfff, SANDY, sorry :-S

  6. hahahaha! i love your collage!


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