Thursday, August 29, 2013

Results of Tangle Card Challenge #7 - Gewgle

I hope this kind of creepy tangle - Gewgle - didn't scare anyone away! :-) I wanted to end the series of Challenges with something fun and unusual. As usual, I was really impressed with the incredible entries - and the sense of humor is wonderful too. As you can imagine, choosing one winner, or even two, is really stressful! So - I decided to completely change the way I picked the winner for this huge, final decision! (See below...)

Arnoldo Romero

Cheryl Kroll

Debra Castaldi

Diane Yaciuk

Donna Hubbard - Bloom of Gewgle Eyes

Donna Hubbard - Gewgle Blooms

Donna Hubbard - Gewglemen

Ellen Wolters - Gewgle and Brabs

Ellen Wolters - Gewgle and Bunzo

Heather Jackson

Janneke de Lange

Kailey McEvilly

Linda Cannizzo

Melody Farrell

Pamela Wolfstone

Penny Brouckaert

Rita Nikolajeva

Sue Jacobs

Traci Frogley
And the winner is....

Yes, that's right. I wanted to reward all of you who kept entering and submitting beautiful work every week. And those who were brave enough to try this weird tangle... And, maybe it was a coincidence, but my publisher just sent me a box of my personal copies of the tangle cards... so I am feeling very generous. Each of you posted above should send me an email with the address where you would like your pack of cards sent. (Even if you think I already have your address, please send an email, so I can keep track).

My Head Studio Minion, Bonnie, is going to scream when she reads this! (Sorry Bonnie!?) because she has been doing all the packing and shipping lately. But I will find a way to make it up to her. Bribery seems to work well with her too. [Speaking of Bonnie - she was accepted into the Certified Zentangle Training for this October in Providence! I promised her I would drive her down and back, so I will be around to say "hi" too. Anyone else going?]

Feeling nostalgic for Challenge days gone by?
Entries from Round 1 can be seen here.
Round 2 is here.
Round 3 is here.
Round 4 is here.
Round 5 is here.
Round 6 is here.

Gewgle is from the Kidz Edition card pack. As I mentioned before, don't let the "Kidz" in the name fool you. This pack of cards has tons of great, non-juvenile, patterns in it. The "Kidz" just means that there are some Lilah Beans integrated into the pack. The Tangle card packs can be ordered HERE.


  1. You are an amazingly generous lady, thank you sooooo much! I'd love to attend a CZT one day....I can dream can't I?! Thanks for a great few weeks xxxx

    1. You're welcome - and you would love CZT training. The people you meet are so wonderful. :-)

  2. Yeah! Thank you VERY much, Sandy. Blessings!

  3. I received the two decks I ordered yesterday and they are a treat! So much fun and great inspiration. You will LOVE them!

    1. Thanks for the testimonial! I'd love to see what they inspire you to create.

  4. Sandy, Your challenges were so much fun, it was the first time I ever entered anything- and won! I really enjoyed seeing what everyone came up with each week. Love your work and I just ordered the blanks and the Kidz Edition. I am a huge fan, Keep up the good work providing us with the tools and inspiration to tangle on! I am attending the November Certified Zentangle Training - Maybe you can make that one too! :)

  5. This was very fun to watch everyone's creativity. I didn't join in on the fun, but enjoyed checking out all the entries. Especially this one. I loved every entry.
    Love your work Sandy, I have all your books except your newest e-book, which will be added to my collection soon.!!

    1. It WAS fun! I hope you'll join in on our next challenge.

  6. Bonnie is more than ready to meet the challenge after the challenge. Get your information to Sandy and I'll have your prize in the mail today. Rick, at the post office, will be the one tearing out his hair.
    Congratulations to Sandy for another great product and congratulations to all the winners.
    Sandy's Minion

    1. For those of you who expressed your concern for Bonnie in your email messages - I wanted to let you know that I took her out to lunch to fortify her before she filled all the orders and mailed out the winners' card packs!

  7. I got my cards day before yesterday and have already gone through one deck practicing each one. They are all easy and Fun. On to deck 2. Thanks so much.

    1. Awesome! And don't forget that the card packs are "re-usable" - you can go thru them over and over! ;-D

  8. I have SO enjoyed seeing all the challenge results. I really couldn't have imagined such a great input on this particular one - I really thought it was rather "limited" in what you could do with it. Boy was I wrong! Congrats to everybody for a job well done. You've really impressed this girl! Kim B

  9. Yes! The more "limited" something seems - the bigger the challenge and the greater the creativity that is expressed. Something about a "box" comes to mind... :-)

  10. I got my cards yesterday and gave you a shout at my blog. Thanks again!

  11. Thought today: when will I receive the cards of the challenge... Guess what! Tonight after diner the postman delivered a package :-) Wow, your cards and the KIDS EDITION !!!!! LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM !!! And now I have to tell you: I teach drawing lessons to kids, you know those small creatures :-) uhhh..... human beings :-) Cannot tell you how happy I am with your cards and soon really soon I will use the cards and Lilah Bean in one of my lessons. Thank you soooooo much Sandy; it's so kind of you everbody won a prise!!!! love 'n greetz, Ellen Wolters from The Netherlands.


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