Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fairies and Fashion - Double Book Signing!

Save the date of St. Patrick's Day, Saturday, March 17th, 2012 and be sure to come to the "Fairies and Fashion" book signing at Wingdoodle in Warner, NH. This amazing party is being held to celebrate the release of two fantastical books - Hapenny Magick by Jennifer Carson, and The Tangled Fashionista by... ME! If you would like more details, visit the events page on Facebook or take a look at the poster below...

I will have my other books as well as Zentangle® supplies available for sale. Jen will also have her first book, To Find a Wonder, and some of her patterns for her fantasy dolls (including characters from the new book!) There will be food, music, craft projects and a free Zentangle workshop. You gotta be there!

CHA post - Update

I jumped the gun with last night's video. Suzanne posted it on her blog today along with some great pictures of me demoing and posing with other famous people. ;-D (Hee Hee)

If you had trouble with the video in the email, here is the actual link:

And the blog link:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CHA Video & Pinterest

Suzanne McNeill shot this video of me at CHA a few weeks ago and just posted it on YouTube.
I was Totally Terrified when she said she was going to film me... and then she climbed up on a ladder to get a better angle... and then made me start over... I'm amazed that I could still hold the pen - my hands were shaking so badly! ;-D Huh. She was right, it's not too bad... it's a little noisy, but that adds to the ambience so you can pretend you were right there with me, coloring shoes. [And BTW, you can pre-order this book on my Etsy site.]

Follow Me on Pinterest So while I have your attention - I have to tell you about Pinterest. If you find yourself wasting hours on Facebook and Twitter and Flickr... and you already spend way too much time on the computer, then stop reading right now and go play with your kids.

Pinterest is visual crack. No, actually it must have some really useful purpose... let me know if you figure it out. It is basically an electronic vision board where you can "pin" interesting images, video, etc. from all over the web. You must be sure to link back to the source - otherwise... well, that's just stealing. I have recently joined and am quite addicted. So come visit my Pinterest page... there is a lot of really beautiful Zentangle® stuff being pinned there too... come on... come on... ;-D

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Midwest Art and Lettering Retreat

Another retreat!! Now that my Un-Tangle Retreat is packed full and closing in fast (next week!!!?) I think it is time to let you all know about another opportunity for you to come and tangle with me. I apologize for not giving you all the details sooner, but I didn't want to confuse anyone... Maine... Minnesota... if you are really weird (or immature) - you may be entertained to see what word you can create from the letters that are left over when you remove "Maine" from"Minnesota." Ew. [Why, yes, I did just have a Mommy Marathon with my kids]. Ok, back to the important stuff...

I'll just give you the info from the website since it sounds really great. You might also be interested to see that Cherryl Moote is another of the instructors! Her new Zentangle® book, All Tangled Up, is getting lots of great reviews on Facebook and Yahoo and where ever distinguished Tanglers hang out. :-)

AUGUST 9 - 12, 2012

You are invited .....

to join the MIDWEST Art and Lettering Retreat for four full days of art exploration and creation. The quiet campus setting of Carleton College in Northfield MN provides a perfect opportunity to "find yourself in a new, great and wonderful place" as is described in the quotation that embodies this year's retreat theme.  

THE MIDWEST ART & LETTERING RETREAT was conceived with the intention of bringing a time-extended, focused workshop to the Midwest area of the US.  The small size of the retreat ensures that you will have personal attention from your instructors.  The quiet atmosphere of the retreat will be focused on the process of finding your own voice and expressing yourself in your personal artistic style.

FIVE PRESTIGIOUS INSTRUCTORS will be guiding you on your journey to that “new, great, and wonderful place:” Roz Stendahl (Color Theory), Georgia Deaver (Stylized Writing), Carrie Imai (Foundational), Cherryl Moote (Bookmaking), and Sandy Steen Bartholomew (Zentangle).  

ALL WHO ARE INTERESTED in the arts are invited to participate in this retreat. The classes in bookmaking, in color theory, and in Zentangle are open to anyone who has an interest in studying those topics. You do NOT have to be a calligrapher to join any of these three classes. You also do NOT have to be a member of the Colleagues of Calligraphy organization. The cost of the retreat is the same for all. Each class runs for the full four days. When registering please give us your first, second and third choice. Class placement will be based on the date your registration is received. Class size is limited to 13 students per class. So, register early to be assured you will attend the class you prefer!

OK, if you are thinking of signing up so you can study with one of the other teachers, I forgive you. They are rather amazing artists! I'm a little floored to be listed in the same sentence with these pros. If you are thinking you'd like to take MY class - YAH! So I will snitch my class description for you and paste it here:


I hate exercising as much as the next person, especially on a retreat. But this class is all about getting your couch potato brain up off the floor. Whether your creativity muscle has a bulging sixpack or a bulging beer belly - you can whip it back into shape with Zentangle.

Zentangle is a method of creating complex drawings using repetitive patterns. It is used for stress reduction, meditation, improving focus, pain management, making time pass quicker in doctors' offices or at boring meetings, and for impressing the heck out of family and friends.

We'll start with the basics of "tangling." All the foundations and rules of traditional Zentangle will be presented as a short, hands on demonstration. Once you have mastered the moves the fun will begin. We'll (1) play some tangle games, (2) tackle some fancy, more complex tangles, (3) learn how to deconstruct and create patterns, and (4) delve into the darker side of shading.

A sketchbook-journal will be our home-base for most exercises and projects (like easy printmaking and transfers...), but we'll also attack some other surfaces such as fabric and vinyl. Yes, we will tangle... lots of "stuff"! If you look at any of these pictures and think, "I could never do that!?" Then you definitely need this workshop. ABSOLUTELY NO DRAWING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED (no kidding!). All who are interested can register for this class. If you can hold a pen and not poke yourself in the eye, I can help you be happily creative. If you already "draw good" you can definitely play “in the sandbox” too! Student supplies list will be available in April.

SANDY STEEN BARTHOLOMEW is an author, illustrator, mixed-media artist and a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). She also runs a creativity general store (Wingdoodle), a studio (BeezInk Studio), an Etsy shop (Bumblebat), a teaching studio (The Belfry) and a blog (Beez in the Belfry). She needs a nap. Sandy is inspired by juicy, jewel-tones, rusty-crusty, peeling, earthcovered... things. Magic, mystery, bits, pieces, and weird little creatures. If it sits still, she'll paint it. Sandy lives with her two kids (Alex and Lilah) and her cat, Lilo, in their colorful, mixedmedia house in New Hampshire.

The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at

Be sure to visit the Workshop Offerings page to read the descriptions for all the classes and download the actual pdf for my class - it has nice formating and pretty pictures.

Click HERE for all the other info, registration forms, etc. And if you have questions, you can ask Joyce Francis (who is also a CZT!)

I hope to see you there!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Going Once... Going Twice...

Last call for the UN-Tangle Retreat! There are 33 people (including a few day-trippers) and only ONE room left! Registration ends this Wednesday, or when the room gets filled, whichever is first.

I am so excited about the retreat! I am actually having a really hard time whittling down all the things I want to show you folks. It's a retreat, so we should relax... BUT check out these cool things first! I think if I lean over, all that stuff (in the picture below) really WILL fall out of my head! Breathe, just breathe - everything will be fine... right? :-)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tangle Download

I bet you thought I was going to write some more about my exhausting/exhilarating week at CHA? No, this post is about a real, actual, free download! I stumbled across a press release from Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine and there is a link to a free eBook which includes MY original Zentangle® article! My article is included because I give the basic steps on how to do a transfer with Sheer Heaven. (The other articles are also really great!) Here's part of the press release with the link:

Cloth Paper Scissors Publishes a Free Guide to Image Transfer Techniques

Cloth Paper Scissors offers a free eBook dedicated to the art of making photo and image transfers. Included are tips for using inkjet, emulsion, transparencies, and gel medium to transfer images and photos.


PRLog (Press Release) - Feb 03, 2012 -
Mixed-media artists of all skill levels will learn how to make image transfers using a wide variety of mediums and methods.

The experts at Cloth Paper Scissors compiled top resources and projects to provide the right tools and know-how to be successful transferring images. Included in this reference guide are tips to decode the many image techniques available, including gel transfer, digital-image transfer, inkjet image transfer, and transparency transfers. More than 20 examples are provided throughout, demonstrating the outcome of each selected technique and medium to help artists determine the perfect combination for their needs. This free eBook is appropriate for all skill levels. 

The free eBook can be downloaded online at: ...

Almost Home...

We just made a very weird complete circle - checking in to the Manchester airport hotel at exactly the same time as we did last Thursday. But this time our midnight snacks included wine. Too tired to get up for a glass, mom wondered if she should drink straight from the bottle? My mom was so punchy I had trouble getting her to pose with her classy plastic wine bottle!

Great shot, eh? Makes the bottle look HUGE! And in case you were wondering, I'm having Oreos and cocoa. :-)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Home, James

A meeting with my publisher and editor. Stomach growling, but first a chat with the Judikins folks about restarting my stamp line. Then ohmigosh we are going to miss our shuttle to LA. Forget lunch! Run!

After finally getting lunch at 4:30, my mom and I fell asleep in our hotel room, then spent hours reducing a suitcase full of catalogs and samples into a compact stack. Well, my mother did Sudoku, I compressed. Then I played with the ADHD coffee maker and remembered I had one photo from the show to post for you. The final installment of body art girl!

I'll be home on Friday, then we'll get the Etsy shop open and I'll try to remember all the things I was so excited about these past few days...

Oh! And if you are in the Concord, NH area this Saturday... I will be doing a Zentangle mini-workshop and book signing at 2pm at the Concord Public Library. It's for kids and adults and should be fun (and it's free!). Then... I plan to SLEEP and completely avoid people until next Wednesday when the kids come home.

PS - the UN-Tangle Retreat is almost filled up! I found some great ideas at CHA that I NEED to get for us to play with!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just scrape me off the floor

The picture of me spread eagle on my bed kind of sums up the day! I had a fabulous time demoing and talking (talking!) to people in the Design Originals booth, keeled over, for ten minutes on my bed, then headed out to PF Changs for dinner with all the CZTs. It was loud and exciting and I am completely overwhelmed by all the ideas and conversations in my head now!

And during the day, too - it was rather amazing the people I ran into! Flashes from the past. My rubber stamp past. Maria from Another Stamp Company, then Ana Araujo- who had been with Limited Edition Stamps and now she is producing what sounds like an amazing online craft television show called When Creativity Knocks. She said I have to be on her show, which would be really cool, but absolutely terrifying! I seriously have to learn to be in front of the camera. Suzanne McNeill filmed me today doing my demo and that will be on YouTube. I think she enjoys torturing me, but I felt so relieved when that was done that the demoing seemed like a piece of cake. And then another friend from the past was Robin Beam, the Stamping Machine. Now she is a VIP with AC Moore doing all the education stuff. Her job sounds perfect for her. Oh, and there's a pic of Claudine Helmuth doing her demo at the Ranger booth. She's pretty cool too. I didn't get a chance to take any pics of the body art girl, bummer.

Lastly, there's a really boring, mostly whitish picture. Do you see it? That's my purse hanging inside a bathroom stall. If you look closely, you'll see a small QR code? I had been amazed at the lack of graffiti in the public bathrooms, but I guess in S. California even the vandals are so sophisticated... I was curious if I aimed my iPhone at the QR code would it read "for a good time call Jazzy at 123-4567"?


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