Thursday, August 1, 2013

Results of Tangle Contest #3 - Ballenchain

As I looked through the entries, I would say "Ooo this one!" Then "Ahh, this one..." There was something about every piece that made me look again. And Alex isn't home this week to help me pick the winner. I was starting to get really nervous - how was I to choose...?

Arnoldo Romero

Debra Castaldi

Donna Hubbard

Dorothy Allison

Faith Puleston

Janneke de Lange

Jean Chaney

Judy Burkett

Lena Ulses

Linda Fine

Lynne Norikane Newberry

Traci Frogley

Traci Frogley - Thumbprintz
Virginia Stiles - The Manta Ray

I hope everyone agrees - but when I saw THIS piece - I knew this had to be the winner for the Ballenchain challenge!

Becki Miller

Congratulations Becki Miller!!!  

Although it was created using colored pens, this piece looks like a quilt - the inspiration for the tangle itself. And as if this piece is not mind-blowing enough on its own, Becki's entry for last week's challenge, Annee, had my jaw dropping to the floor too.

Becki - be sure to email me where you would like your fabulous Tangle Card pack to be mailed. :-)

And anyone else who doesn't like entering contests, doesn't feel "lucky" or wants to own all THREE decks of cards, you can still pre-order them HERE.

And remember to check back tomorrow to see what Challenge #4 will be!


  1. Stunning work, Becki. congratulations!

  2. All awesome!! Sandy, does the price go up after the pre-order? The blanks are awfully tempting too!

  3. No. The price will be the same. And you can get blanks in my shop now too:

  4. As wonderful as all of the entries were, I wholeheartedly agree with your choice of winner. What a stunning piece!
    Congratulations, Becki!

  5. I think it is very mean to pre-order something and have to wait sooooo long to get it. That or I'm just very impatient, no, it couldn't be that, heee. I don't think I'm going to make it till Setp.

    I keep my art pad,pen & pencil in a little make-up bag that I take every where with me. And when I'm trying to think of a tangle to do (for the life of me I can't seem to fit a book in there) these will me so much easier to take along.

    Sandy. you're killing me. This is nothing, I'm still waiting for a book that I won't get till Nov. Me thinks I'm learning patience. Just kill me now....heee.


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