Monday, October 14, 2013

Irresponsible, procrastination... Ah, Bliss!

What I did today...
Slept obscenely late, in a big fluffy bed. 
Did not shower. 
Did not check emails. 
I DID get dressed. 
Went outside.  
Soaked in the sunshine and the architecture and the noise. 
Walked over to the big-ass Mall.
Walked every single floor of the mall. 

Visited Papyrus, Crate and Barrel, and lots of other shops I don't have in NH and slurped up the ideas and colors. 

Finally ate breakfast at 1:30pm. 

People watched. 
Saw GRAVITY at the iMax theater... In 3-D! ... OMG! (Really puts my own "bad day"s into perspective). (Thanks Dad for recommending it).
It made me miss my daughter. 
Took sushi back for dinner. 
Watched 13 GOING ON 30 on my laptop. 
Now, I need to start on my homework. 
But I have had a lovely day!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

CZT #12!

Second time here in Providence this year. I brought my son down in June to get certified and now I am back with Bonnie- my studio manager, Main Minion, and chief butt-kicker. (She also fills all your orders). 

I dropped her off at the Hotel Providence and went to check myself in at the Biltmore. By the time I returned for dinner, she had already found a BFF - Sue. 

On the way to the hotel, I passed by the workshop for the Big Nazo Puppets!

All the windows were filled with these enormous foam creatures!!! I have to wander over there again tomorrow. 

And as we were waiting for dinner, we saw this amazing tangled car drive up...

Yowza?!! The valets all pulled out their camera phones (as did I). 

This is going to be a very interesting Zentangle certification seminar! I won't be hanging out as much as I did in the past...  I'm going to wander the city looking for inspiration (and the iMax movie theater) and then try to get started on some new projects. We'll see how that goes. At the very least, I hope to get some quality sleep and pretend I'm on vacation. :-)

I have a fabulous room - it's a suite with a kitchen. 

And this is the view out my window...

Providence can be a really beautiful, inspiring place!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Studio Sale • Saturday, Oct. 5

I am venturing into the deep recesses of the studio/shop this week. Cabinets that have been shut for a year... Displays that were piled precariously in the storage room... The remnants of my store, Wingdoodle, are being pulled back into the light! Hallelujah!

Actually, I need the space, I need to clear out the junk, and I need the cash!

I have some cool project ideas that need funding and selling off this art stuff seems like a great way to get it. 

Cleaning and organizing is also making me feel a bit better about moving forward, so this all could work out great. And I have been finding some of the coolest stuff! Like colorful kits from the Art Girlz, tangled sneakers, lots of journals... 

Tons of art and craft books....

The sale will be this Saturday from 8:30am until noon. Neither Bonnie nor I can handle more than that! 

But since I have already had a bunch of questions from folks, here are the answers. No, you can't get in before 8:30am. But we will be setting up and pricing Friday afternoon... Yes, we will consider "offers".  And yes, if you pay shipping, we will mail stuff to you. No, Zentangle brand products are not on sale. And yes, if you show up at noon on Saturday, and make a crazy offer, we will probably accept it. 

Rubber stamps are 50% off. Books are at least that. I have a glass topped jewelry display case and a tall slat wall display on wheels. Other smaller displays too - perfect for the upcoming craft fairs. I have bags too. And other retailer supplies (price gums and such). Computers and printers. A lot of unpainted wood products - great for holiday gifts... A new, portable kiln (for ceramic, glass and PMC), lots of frits and powdered glass for fusing, assemblage bits... Man- there's a lot of stuff that needs a home!

Oh! And I have about 40 paintings by my late, artist grandmother. Most are portrait studies on canvas boards, a few on stretched canvases, and a handful are watercolors. These can be framed, altered, whatever you like. 

Let me know if you want more photos. Otherwise, I'll see you Saturday!


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