Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What Artists and Fine Crafts People should Know, but Don’t Workshop

On an unrelated note - I just posted this info on the Warner blog which was still sporting the "Spring" logo! Oh dear - and it's after Labor Day, how embarrassing! So I updated it to my Halloween Warner Logo - which I am rather proud of. Even if you aren't interested in Warner info, go take a quick look... it looks cool, right?!

OK, back to the regularly scheduled posting...

I went to this workshop a few weeks ago and found it to be incredibly helpful. It was a very small group so it worked more like a roundtable discussion. We were able to bring up our own, individual concerns and experiences.

The material covered applied to gallery artists, crafters, illustrators, and Zentangle teachers.
If you are in the area and able to make it - it is definitely worth your time!

And there are snacks - yum! 
[We're talking fabulous baklava-type snacks, not Oreo snacks.]

Saturday, October 24th   9:30-1 
“What Artists and Fine Crafts People should Know, but Don’t Workshop”

 9:30 Registration, Coffee and Pastries

10:00 - 10:45 Amanda L. Nelson, Esq., Artium Amore PLLC., Lawyers for the Arts: Your art is your estate: don't throw it away OR don't give it to the government.

11:00 until 11:45 Professor Peter McGovern: New forms of employment for the artist: Commissioning and consignments

12:00 until 12:30 Dr. Catherine Bigley McGovern: Copyright, Creative Commons and the consequences of social media: Demonstration on the ease of copyright submission
Brown bag lunch with new friends and new ideas

Dr. Catherine McGovern
What you need to know about COPYRIGHT LAWS         
Dr. Peter McGovern:  
Protecting yourself with the correct gallery and commission CONTRACTS and CONSIGNMENTS
Amanda Nelson, Esq.: 

Peter and Kate McGovern present and research in all areas where there is nexus between all art forms and the Law. They are invited to teach and present in this area of the Law regionally, nationally and internationally. They are co-host/presenters of the PROTECTING THE CREATIVE SPIRIT at Plymouth State University and co/host presenters of SMALL MUSEUMS, HISTORICAL HOUSES AND THE LAW at Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum. The McGoverns are adjunct professors at the University of Connecticut School of Law.

Amanda Nelson is the founder of Artium Amore, PLLC, a law firm dedicated to the unique legal needs of artists.  Before her legal career, Nelson was a museum curator and consultant for more than ten years.  She regularly gives presentations to artists on a variety of legal issues so that they may protect themselves and their art work.
Cost: $25, limited to 25. Please send a check to the gallery or use credit card information for your reservations: or call the gallery at 603-226-2046

City & State___________________________________
Phone _______________________________________
Credit Card, Visa or MC__________________________

Number______________________________________ CCV_______

Mill Brook Gallery & Sculpture Garden
236 Hopkinton Road, Concord, NH  03301

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Twisted Art... For Kids!

Most of my posts lately are on the Glyphs & Glitches blog since they are cartoon school oriented. If you'd like to get access to those posts as well, but you missed the Kickstarter campaign, you can still subscribe though my Etsy store.

Lilah and I were at the Foothills Restaurant and it was really crowded with a long wait so she hunted down a coloring book and crayons. OMG - this was the stupidest Disney Princess knock-off yet!!?

Every drawing was basically the same. Every princess and pose and expression... the same. The kid and I decided it was our mission to make the images more interesting. We decided on a horror theme...

Here are some close-ups - hope you aren't squeamish!

Here's my Maleficient-ish vampire princess...

.. ah, yeh, she was a vacant princess emerging from the bushes with a rose. It was already "weird" before I embellished it!

And Lilah turned her princess into a Witch-Zombie princess with a dangerous snake! (The snake was originally a string of pearls.)

 So. That was fun.

A bit more artsy... at my apartment at school...

I think I posted about this table I painted, a few years ago? It has three "faux" Zentangle tiles painted on it... I love that it confuses people and they try to pick them up, or move them before putting food down! Ha ha!

Now that it is my actual kitchen table, not just a pretty accent in the studio... I realized I needed coasters to protect it. So I made some on Zazzle that look like real Zentangle tiles, but these CAN actually be moved around. Ha ha! 
(I'll probably get confused first).

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Epic Coloring Book

I am so excited to be included in the Doodlers Anonymous Epic Coloring Book: An Extraordinary Mashup of Doodles and Drawings Begging to be Filled in with Color (published by Monacelli/Penguin Random House) which is currently being printed and bound.

The book will hit the shelves of all major book retailers on October 13th and it is already available online for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online stores.

I should be getting my copy next week - I'll give you a preview of some of the art. :-)


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