Thursday, December 31, 2015

Artsy Holiday Celebration

I'm sick in bed and just realizing two weeks have flown by since I got out of school for break. Whoosh!

Just before Christmas, I got to participate in a Holiday Celebration at my daughter's elementary school. It was my kid's idea that I should volunteer to lead an art project and there were a few moments when I can't believe I went through with this!

Our idea was to do Winter Murals with stencils I die-cut and chalks and slick crayons... There were seven rotations of about 24 kids each. In general, the younger kids were more willing and excited to draw pictures, the older kids just wrote their names and other words. The younger kids were more respectful of the art supplies, the older kids... "feeding frenzy" comes to mind!

I made the mistake of wearing a very warm sweater - the gym is usually quite chilly - but after 3 hours of standing, bending, taping paper to the floor and "resetting"... seven times... I was drenched. But it was a lot of fun and seeing some of the teachers down on the floor coloring was a hoot too.

Now I will hand the commentary over to my little art director, here's Lilah...

"This was a Gingerbread Village that about 7 of us worked on. And one adult. Every building is made of gingerbread. We used the "lipstick" crayons. Owen's hands were COVERED with brown! I put orange gumboils on the top of my house (the one below)."

"Lots and lots of "Merry Christmases!" to you!"

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Happy Holidays (and a little gift)!

Multi-tasking has never been one of my superpowers. Not even a little. As most of you know, I went back to school this fall to get my Masters in Cartooning. I did a Kickstarter to raise the money for tuition and my project (for Kickstarter) was to keep a blog about the whole experience.

I've been blogging away... but neglecting THIS blog. Again - not good at multi-tasking!

This weekend I posted the same blog post on this blog and the Glyphs & Glitches blog - and that confused some of the folks who follow both. And that got me thinking... this week marks the 1/4 mark of my program. The first semester is coming to a close! So, to celebrate (the holidays and my quarter mark) - I'm inviting you to come and check out the Glyphs & Glitches blog. You can read back through the posts and experience the thrills and chills...

This is free - my gift to you. But you won't get the cool things that I have emailed to the subscribers - like pdfs and new posts in your inbox.

If you WOULD like pdfs of my comics and all new posts directly to your email inbox - you can subscribe through my Etsy shop... HERE. (Just be aware that you don't get an object or actual download from Etsy. It will send you an image file which is just a placeholder.)
Once I get your subscription, I'll add your email to the subscription list and anything new will come right to ya!

I've also added a PayPal button to the blog (and I'll put it here too...)


If you missed the Kickstarter and would like to contribute to my campaign/project now - I'd love to have your support and enthusiasm. There is still another semester of crazy hard work to come and, depending on the level of your contribution, I hope to be sending out some fun things this spring.

To those of you who have already joined me on my adventure - THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! As you know from reading the G&G blog - I am learning so many new things (and hopefully, so are you). I couldn't do what I do without you and it wouldn't be as much fun without the sharing of experiences.

and I hope you enjoy reading the blog.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Christmas Gift

School has kept me so busy and it is hard to coordinate time with my daughter, so I decided my Christmas present for Lilah this year would be a few days with me.

We saw Mary Poppins at Northern Stage last night. 

I'd had trouble getting tickets- all the matinees were sold out and the evening performances had no seats together. But, after begging, just a little, the ticket lady gave us the last two seats in the handicap section. Which turned out to be right on the stage!!

We were so close, we could have untied the actors' shoelaces. Lilah was on the edge of her seat in awe at the special effects and she barely kept herself from jumping up and joining the dancing.  On the walk home, I asked her what she thought of it all. She yelled, "it was practically PERFECT in every way!!!"

This morning we played with Minou, who has missed Lilah a lot (or at least her sneakers?)

Then we did a little holiday decorating and got really silly singing songs on YouTube. 

Right now we are exploring at Montshire Science Museum. It is 50 degrees outside, sunny, and very un-wintery... So we did the Planet Walk hike. It was beautiful, and just a tiny bit creepy with no one else in the woods. 

 We found a cool fairy house tree. 

And we made it to the "Sun" - the end of the trail. 

There is a new exhibit on light...

And another about gears...

And of course, our favorite - the bubbles...

Right now she has befriended a gaggle of kids and they are building a temple or something...

I'm getting hungry. I have visions of cinnamon buns at King Arthur Bakery and then maybe a movie... "The Good Dinosaur"... And then... Eight hours of sleep! Ah. The perfect day!


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