Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rum Tum Teaser

Studio Cat and Golden-Eyed Muse
I will miss your purrs and your sage advice:
"All things seem better after a snack and a nap in the sun."

I am heart-broken to let you go.
But there is no cure for a Jellicle cat who cannot purr.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tangle of the Week - Jetties

Here's one in honor of my daughter's 3rd birthday next week! (Three years old, omigosh!!)
Jetties is a three year olds dream - rubba-balls everywhere. Yippee!

Oh, you noticed, rats! Yeh, you're right, I didn't finish drawing in all those stripey balls on the front of the card. You can help me out. Did I mention it's my daughter's birthday? I'm too busy getting ready for her party - the one she has been talking about since September! And...

... if you noticed the little poll that I had on the side of this blog about what you'd like in a book...?
Well... YES! I am doing a book about Zentangle and I need your help. You may, or may not, know that there are about 102 "official" tangles. These are the patterns that the Certified Zentangle Teachers learn and then teach their students. I only plan to include a few of the basic ones in the book - the ones that are building blocks for other patterns. SO... I need NEW TANGLES!!!

Have you invented a new pattern? If you have, and you'd like to share, email me a jpeg with a sketch of the steps, the name of the Tangle ("untitled" is not acceptable - name it after your kid or pet if you have no clue), and your name.  (email it to : sakhmet at tds dot net)  I reserve the right to choose between any similar designs and to make minor alterations if necessary. If I use your tangles in the book, I will put your name with it (unless you just want your initials or something). This is so exciting!!

And if any CZTs are reading this and panicking, this book is intended to get more people excited about Zentangle and interested in taking classes. I received a lot of emails after the magazine article appeared asking where people could take classes or learn more. The book is geared more towards those who already have some experience tangling.

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Hampshire Magazine Zentangle Blurb

Article about my store, Wingdoodle, and Zentangles in NH Magazine!

There are a few things in this article that will make Rick and Maria at Zentangle squirm - and a few that made me squirm too - but in general it is good press for Wingdoodle and Zentangle. I did not write this article! They called and interviewed my mom while I was in France. They did ask me to send artwork, and I sent it, but in the actual magazine article they used someone's art from the web. I really hope they got permission!! But for the online version, they used my art, but credited the other artist.

Judging by the title; "Googling Over Doodling The New Zentangle Craze" it sounds like perhaps the article was originally longer and more about what they found online. But then, maybe, it was cut down?
Whatever happened, it's nice to get a bit more coverage!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Intergalactic Orchestra

There are a few really fun benefits to owning a 12 year old boy who adores Star Wars. Really!! Here's one: Alex's grandparents gave him three tickets to the "Star Wars in Concert" show at the Verizon Center as his birthday present. And he let me have one of the tickets. This show was so amazing the only words I can think of to describe it are...  laser beams, fog machines, pillars of fire, 3-story screen, C-3PO (well, the actor, actually). Star Wars music is like cartoon music - the old cartoons. You don't realize you are listening or affected by it, but it is in your blood. The orchestra plays the first few notes of the piece and you KNOW who will appear on the screen. Big, black and brooding. His creepy breathing. Darth Vader is the scariest character alive. I'm sorry, but Darth Maul is  no match. What's a little make-up (OK, a LOT of makeup) and a few horns (double light saber is cool though...). As kids, we watched all those movies, not understanding the complicated politics or relationships or even WHY Vader was the way he was. And we loved the characters as if they were our family. Princess Leia was and is the most kick-butt princess ever. Amidala just flits around trying to balance her complicated hairstyles... But this concert gave me new respect for her too. And now I need to do what my son has been telling me to do for years... go and watch ALL the movies in the correct order. The new ones never made sense to me because they seemed backwards. But hearing the story, simplified and in order with the compelling music, OK, time to do it all again. I hope I didn't annoy Alex last night when I whispered things like, "That movie came out when I was seven!" or "Oh! That one came out when I was YOUR age!" Man, I'm old. But I did notice that 75% of the audience was my generation and 25% was Alex's or younger. And this was the only concert in my life where the mini-vans cheerfully let me back out into the patiently waiting parking garage traffic. The Force was with us.

(There was an incredible display of costumes and special effects outside the arena!)

Mega Munny and Mini Yoka

She's huge, powerful, totally tangled! She's Mega Munny!


He's teeny tiny itsy bitsy, has no super powers whatsoever, but he likes to break-dance.
Meet P. Bear, the mini Yoka.

I finished both of these creatures this week. Meg is about 18" tall. I started her at the Fall Festival and finished at my Open Studio last weekend. She wanted to be a Zentangle Princess, but as soon as I drew the stripey panties, she turned into a super hero - with an oceanic theme. Note the seashell bra, shrimp tattoo, and squid on her head! Shelley found me the perfect fabric for a cape, sparkley blue lamé. But when she puts it on she looks rather WWF or Nacho Libre and I'm not sure that's the look she's after.... Besides I have it from a very reputable source (the Incredibles) that capes are quite dangerous for super heroes. Meg is going to hang out at Wingdoodle for a while and protect my sanity.

P. Bear is teeny, like around 2 or 3 inches. He's a Panda Bear and, despite his size, he has already left home. He is off to the adFunture/DKE Toys Custom Yoka Show at Designer Con in Pasadena, CA on Sat. November 21. So if you live near there, and aren't busy, go visit him. Tell P. Bear I said "hi" and I hope he's doing OK, and to let me know if he needs any money (plastic, of course).

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gift Tags

This angel started as a black and white Zentangle that I am using for our town's Holiday Shopping Tour (on Dec. 12!) and I turned it into a painting for my own enjoyment (see entry, Nov. 9th). But I since decided to use it as my store's (Wingdoodle's) holiday image. I just created a holiday gift tag with her and if you would like to get a bunch for your own packages, they are available at Zazzle (click for link).
 The reverse side has a mini image of the complete painting and the words "To:" and "From:" If you punch a hole just above her head, you can string the tag onto ribbon. Ooo-aaah!

Journals, Sheer Heaven

  Jessica from posted about my Cloth Paper Scissors article on her blog "Whatever...Whenever". Besides just being really exciting to be talked about (in a good way!) this is a funny example of how things can go full circle.
  In the article I use her product "Sheer Heaven" to make transfers. If you haven't tried it, read my article (!) or visit her website where she has a great video demonstrating the magic stuff. It's a thick, tracing-paper-like, unrippable paper (developed for other purposes) that was, accidentally, discovered to make near perfect transfers onto any absorbent surface. Forget all those messy other techniques! Mostly, the ideas revolve around transfers of inkjet images, but I have had great success with pigma pens and colored pencils too and... Ranger's Adirondack Color Wash sprays. Yep, weird, right? I am a very neat artist - I can paint an entire room with murals and not use dropcloths (my sister has another word besides "neat").
  So these sprays are what I consider "icky-messy" but I love the colors and effects. So, say I want to get these colors and effects in a journal or altered book? What a disaster that would be! But you can put a piece of Sheer Heaven in your sink, spray lots of colors, let them run and splotch, then dry. This lovely artwork can then be transfered with the alcohol spray method into your journal. All neat and easy. Or better yet, die-cut the Sheer Heaven and transfer the colorful shape! Cool!
   And since I am shamelessly promoting Sheer Heaven (because I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!) be sure to explore the rest of Jessica's website - she also offers wonderful classes online. I have taken a few of her journaling classes and her digital photo class too.  I have been drawing and painting and creating altered books and journals since I was born, but I wanted to take her class because (It sounded like fun) I wanted the discipline of having to get my homework done on time. Also I didn't have time to go to a class (I had a new baby). Besides the ego-booster of getting positive feedback from Jessica and fellow students, I actually learned a lot of new, useful and fun techniques. And the photo class was a great way to - discretely- admit that, even with all my years of photography experience - I had NO IDEA how to use my DIGITAL camera. There, now I am out. Since Jessica is an artist, she had great, visual, decriptions of scary concepts like apertures and shutter speeds. Oh, I GET it! So, go sign up for a class. And since she inspires me so, I hope to be able to offer an online Zentangle class - sooner or later!

PS - These tiny envelopes were die-cut using Sheer Heaven that has been sprayed with different colors on EACH side!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Angels? Fairies? Tangled.

I designed this angel for our town's "3rd Annual Warner Holiday Shopping Tour." In the ads and on the posters she is holding red shopping bags. I was inspired by the Klimt paintings that I have been researching lately. Klimt's images have realistic painted faces and then the clothes are more geometric, abstract, and full of patterns. And he uses lots of gold.

I think of my painted version as more of a holiday fairy or muse than an actual angel. I was kind of bummed that the one for the ads and poster isn't getting much face time. She's being shrunk down to nothingness in favor of more text. Maybe it's because I am 90% illustrator and only 10% graphic designer... but I think posters and ads should be all about the image. So I have decided to use my painted version for my own holiday ads and cards. I made a giclee print of her too, which I have for sale in my gallery at Wingdoodle and I will put on Etsy soon.

What I think is interesting about her, either version, is that everything, except her face, is created from tangles! Gives new meaning to "tangled hair," eh?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tangle of the Week - Drupe

Drupe is cool. It's like a flower stuck inside a cage. If you have been wondering about using color with your tangles, Drupe looks really nice. And the color makes it look even more 3-D, don't you think?

We Get mail

In response to all the messages...
Wow! Thanks, people - I told Glenny I'd like to be considered as a teacher at Portland too. I hope I get to meet you all! I have been wondering if an online class would work. In general, I think Zentangle is best learned in a class from a trained instructor. Yep, I'm partial since I am a trained instructor. But I learned it from the kit and practiced for a year before I got training. I was amazed at how different the experience was. Many patterns just make more sense when they are demonstrated. But everyone has a different learning style. I am working on a little book and the Zentangle people are too. But these are both more gallery and inspiration type books, not how-to's.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zentangle Classes

Early Winter 2009 Workshops

Zentangle 101
Learn the basics of Zentangle - a relaxing form of meditation that uses pattern-making to focus your mind.  No drawing experience necessary (Really!)            Class= $35    Kit fee= $10
Sun. Nov. 15, 1-3pm
Wed. Dec. 16, 10:30am-12:30pm

Zentangle 102
Need more? More Zentangle patterns.
Zentangle 101 required. Bring your kit.
Class= $35  
Sat. Dec. 5, 10:00am-noon
Wed. Dec. 30, 10:00am-noon

Tangle Share / Open Studio
Bring your Zentangles to show off at my Open Studio during Warner’s Holiday Shopping Tour. Work on a group tangle, eat yummy snacks, get a collectible tangle ATC! (Bring your friends, family, kids).     
Sat. Dec.12, 11:00am-2:00pm   Free!

Note: Kids, ages 8 and up, are welcome to take these classes if accompanied by a parent (or grandparent!)

For more information please visit the "Classes" page at Beez Ink Studio online:
For more info about Zentangles in general, visit:

NH Open Doors Weekend

BEEZ ink Studio invites you to visit 
during New Hampshire Open Doors.

Sat. Nov. 7 & Sun. Nov. 8
from 10-5

Downstairs, In the Beehive, I will have new works including prints and hand-painted objects. I will also be demo-ing how to create a Zentangle and selling copies of Cloth Paper Scissors (with my article!!).

Upstairs, in The Belfry, I am hosting an Open Studio and Y-Art Sale. I've been trying to clean out my studios to make space for new projects.
Some things I'm getting rid of: Mac computer & computer stuff, camera, sewing machine, rubber stamp supplies, art and craft materials, unpainted furniture & wood things, lots of books on tape (some unopened), craft videos, big easel, paints, solder...
I know! I really needed to clean out!!
Oh, and some art too. :-)

Please come and visit!

Beez Ink Studio is located at
19 E. Main Street in Warner.
Call 603-456-3515 for more info.


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