Friday, March 8, 2019

Meanwhile, Back in the Studio...

Here's another behind-the-scenes for a different project I'm working on.

Starting on January 1st this year, I gave myself the goal of drawing a Toy Every Day!
Then I added a few more parameters.

First, I was aiming for 5 out of 7 days - it's not always possible to spend the time necessary since I always overdo these things. And the week that I was in the hospital - I didn't do any drawings.

Second, I'd work on 6"x6" cards, and use materials, like alcohol markers, that I needed more practice with.

Third, the toys (I have thousands) would primarily focus on figures. So, not a drawing of an American Girl bicycle, unless there was also an AG doll on it.

Here is the process for the toy I drew today:

pencil sketch


darker markers in the brown and gold shadowy areas

warmer browns and yellows, then darkest blues

blending the blues so it looks SHINY!

And then I post them to Instagram
It is very satisfying to see the collection grow...

...if I can keep this up, then later this year, we can do another Kickstarter and turn the toy comics into a book!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

You know you want THIS!

The Kickstarter only has a few days left (it ends at 8:30am (ET) on Monday, March 11! And we still need to raise about $1,000 more. We CAN do this!!

As extra incentive, I've added two super special, limited quantity, Rewards.

Boxes of Books and Goodies!
I have so many Zentangle books and tiles and pens and tangle cards and tangle tattoos... tangled everything!!! Help me untangle...

There are only five of each of these rewards available and they will have lots of really great, special STUFF in them - so go back the project right away!!

If I can get backers for these boxes of goodies, I will consider this Project a MAJOR success (and I'll have a bit more space in my Studio Shop) - and YOU will be so busy playing with your new art supplies and getting inspiration from all the books, you won't leave your house for weeks! But don't forget to feed your pets before you disappear into your studio.

Monday, March 4, 2019

READ! Behind-the-Scenes

In my QUO VADIS Kickstarter Project Rewards, I have an option for Custom Original Artwork. As I was writing the description, and trying to describe what I would actually create for a Backer - I wrote this:

To clarify, here's another example: Let's say you are a librarian and want artwork to hang in your elementary school library... you could ask for the word "READ!" with some Lilah Beans. I would create the R-E-A-D letters made from books and stacks of books with Lilah Beans sitting on the stacks and reading other books. You could also tell me if there are particular titles you'd like on some of the books. Hmmm.... that sounds pretty cool - I may have to draw that one for myself!

I really liked the image in my head, so I decided to draw it!

I start with a pencil sketch that I trace over lightly with pen

I clean up and clarify the lines with ballpoint pen

I love ballpoint pen because I can do shading with it as well

I like it simple, but I was determined to do a piece with more detail and color

I have lots of colored ballpoint pens too

I like this part with B&W and just pink cheeks

color is cool too...
I get most obsessed over the shading!

I was really excited about how it turned out! So I added it to the Rewards - you can get this original artwork or you can get a 12"x 8" print of it on heavyweight, archival paper. I also have the "BEGIN" art available as a Print too.

Please take a look at the QUO VADIS Kickstarter Project and scroll to the bottom of the project description to see the New Rewards added for this final week!


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