Thursday, September 12, 2013

Santa Fe 2

Slept very late, had a lovely lunch with Jessica- each of us talking nonstop... Checked out the amazing Community Center where we will have our classes. And got a brief tour of Santa Fe in the pouring rain.  Another rainbow. :-)

I finished a journal page I had quickly roughed in last night. The couple was a lot older in real life, but there was something so playful about them that I drew them much younger. 


  1. Precious image; your illustrations warm my heart. If only the woman had a Zentangle Kit and a leaky pen.... ;-) JK--it is perfect the way it is.

    I look forward to your Santa Fe updates! I don't know how you do it...when I travel I am so exhausted I only THINK about media updates; I never seem to actually post things. Actually, that happens a lot when I am home, too. Sigh!

    Enjoy New Mexico!

    1. I AM exhausted all the time. :-) but if I wait til I'm home, I'll never post anything. And I'll forget everything I did. Btw, next year YOU should come to this retreat, you'd love it, and the other people are so nice too.

  2. That truly is a sweet image you've shared with us today. Blessings!


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