Thursday, September 12, 2013

Do You Know the Way to Santa Fe?

When asked why I would choose to travel on 9-11, I explained that the other option was Friday the 13th.

I drew in my journal the entire flight while listening to The Clockwork Angel. I am tired of traveling and it is very late by my mental clock. But I wanted to show you my journal pages...

And show you some of the amazing cloud formations that inspired the art. 

And it is not a great photo, but there was a fabulous, giant shmear of a rainbow over the Sandia Mtns. 

So I am here, safely, in Santa Fe. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful traveling journal pages and the photos that provided some inspiration. I hope you'll give us all a glimpse at your Art Journal workshop over the next few days. I'm sure we'll all be wishing we could be there with you. Best regards, Bette Abdu in NH

  2. Have a great workshop! I am just 40 minutes south of Santa Fe in Rio Rancho. I am waving at you from my front porch.... tee hee. Wish I could have participated daily but not have to stay in Santa Fe. I would have finally got to meet you.

  3. Welcome, Sandy!!

    See you for lunch.

    Barb W - You could certainly have been a day student since you live her. - Still can if you want - Workshop doesn't start until Saturday.



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