Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Monday in the Classroom

After a slightly nerve wracking morning dealing with a dead battery in the rental car... I spent most of the day in the classroom.

Before lunch, we worked on learning how to paint Santa Fe skies. I, of course, added a little story about a red balloon and a flock of birds. 

After lunch, I did a workshop on lettering then showed lots of journaling ideas in a slide show. 

I had round two of birthday dining with Lisa, Christine, and Donna at the Midtown Bistro. This great restaurant was behind a rock quarry, fountain, sculpture place...

Here is Lisa Heron - who totally ROCKS...

And the food was fabulous too...

I still only have parts of journal pages completed, but here is the map page I started...


  1. Sandy, I cannot tell you how happy my heart is that you are experiencing this wonderful opportunity! As a person who seems to have similar internal monologues and life-experiencing (can't think of a better word for that!), I can FEEL the joy you are swimming in now! I was going to say "wallowng" but that is not active enough! Sometimes life offers us salves that are so healing - I am smiling for you! I am also loving your photos, journals etc. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hey Jakki, I am so happy to be bringing you along on the journey with me. :-) what shall we eat for dinner tonight? Hee hee. ;-)


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