Monday, September 16, 2013

Art Journaling as Paradise

New meaning to Hump Day?

And so we started...

A slight typo, but perhaps more accurate.
There were thirty of us and we plunged into the basics of drawing, by examining our tools and our lunch. :-)

We took a short field trip to explore the neighborhood. 

I was asked how I did the gray lines in my previous journal posts. I use a Pitt Brush, which is permanent, gray India ink. A Flair pen is also cool... The drawn lines can be blended using a water brush. There are interesting tones of blues and grays. 

Some of us went for dinner at The Cowgirl Cafe. Take a look at the description for the meatloaf... Yak!!? Mmmmm. (I had scallops). 


  1. I would love to be there! I made myself a travel journal and have just about filled it and worn it out on this trip. Can't wait to make my next one. Love the ink and flairs blending.

  2. Maybe, if we do it again next year, you can join us then. It has been a wonderful, wonderful adventure. :-)


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