Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday, Sept. 13... Roald Dahl Day!

A much better holiday for today (is Friday the 13th a holiday yet?)

I got a quick visit to a Trader Joe's today! Yes, my first. I have to go back and explore. What a cool place...

Murals and cool chalkboard art everywhere...

The crow is 3-D!

And I love the graphics on the products too. There was a box of tissues with a plea to remember to remove the item from your pocket before putting your pants on the laundry! And I love the shopping bags too...

Great sense of humor. And lots of chocolate. 

Journal pages for today... 
A sketch of my room, which is like a tiny house. 

And our new journal bags made for us by Autumn Fern Design - And sold at Jessica's gallery here in Santa Fe, the Art Garden. They are solar printed and even have beautiful batik fabric inside. 

And, the weather forecast... I will not make any more comments on that except that I put in a request with the Universe for nice weather on Sunday when we go on our big field trip to the old Pecos ruins. And, ahem, it's my birthday too. :-)


  1. Blessings on your birthday! You gift us every day with your postings and your creativity. May this goodness be returned to you in many beautiful ways. Thank you.

  2. Happy happy happy Birthday
    Thank you for your Santa Fe posts.......makes me sad I am not there. Lisa and Chris are a bit slow with their posts -- give them a shake ,please. Sandy embrace your time in SF and keep posting your lovely drawings and wisdom. I am on my knees, he he he Take care Jenny Farrell

  3. Hope the weather clears up for your birthday. If it doesn't, YOU will have to BE the sunshine!
    On another note...what are you using in your journal to make the grey lines (like the ones around the weather forecast)? I have seen several pictures on the web lately with similar grey lines. It looks almost like a highlighter, rather than pencil. Do tell?

  4. Happy Birthday,
    It's 7.33 am on Sunday here in Australia so your birthday has begun. Start celebrating!

    Love the Roald Dahl quote and all the rest. Your posts always provide smiles and good feelings.

    Thanks. Sue

  5. Love Trader Joe's, each one with different art on the walls.
    Have a great Birthday. Sunday is my birthday too! I'll be at the Scottish Highland games in Loon Mountain NH!

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm not sure if its because of all the alien interference here in NM, but the internethas been really wonky all week.


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