Monday, September 16, 2013

Birthday in Santa Fe!

It's after midnight and I am exhausted beyond belief. It was the most fabulous day- the sun came out and the day was so beautiful.

We spent the morning at the Old Pecos Ruins.

"Does this ladder make my butt look fat?"
Christine Halaburka used the Kachina from my Tangles of Santa Fe ebook to decorate her pen case!

We had lunch at Jessica's gallery courtyard. I got tons of presents! And freshly made ginger snaps. Mmmm. 

We spent the afternoon at Jackalope.  It's hard to describe, so here are lots of pics. And tangles I found. Btw, that Ammonite was over a foot wide!

Xanadu was one of the gallery shops at Jackalope and owned by friends of Jessica. They prepared some refreshments for us and were all around wonderful people. They knew a lot about the work in their store - which was more like an incredible museum filled with items you could own. 

A bunch of us went out for dinner. 

My strawberry, birthday margarita...
And, finally, the only journal page I finished today... Tonight actually... 
I drew pictures of all the wonderful gifts I received from my friends. :-) a way of acknowledging and appreciating each item and mentally thanking all the people. 

Thank you so much everyone for the best birthday ever. :-)
Now I will collapse into bed...

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