Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mini Zentangle Retreat at The BeeHive

After I get back from the Santa Fe Retreat, I hope to start getting the Open Studios going again at my BeeHive Studio. There is a really great mini-retreat happening in a few weeks, so I wanted to call your attention to it. My Studio Manager Minion, Bonnie B., got the scoop from Terry Hathaway (the teacher for the retreat) and here is what she has to say about it:

"I spoke with Terry on Saturday about her Mini Tangled Retreat and had her give me some details on the activities on the agenda.  

She has a video visit by Marie and Rick which goes over the basics of Zentangle which will bring new comers up to speed (let no tangler be left behind) and will segue into learning new patterns, sharing patterns, and problem solving of patterns giving anyone fits. 

We will then move on to something I've been anxious to try, toned papers, tan or gray, and the  use of white gel pens and white charcoal. 

After lunch, Terry will show us how to construct an accordion style book which can be used for tangles, collage, bits of favorite fabric (me!) or can be left blank to be stared at in amazement that you made a book. 

Moving along,  Zendala drawing will be reminiscent of high school geometry but without the grades and a lot more fun.  Who can resist an activity that involves cute, new tools? 

And if all that isn't enough, she has more: working on black tiles, scratch cards, snacks in the morning, snacks in the afternoon, and door prizes. Sandy will be offering a 15% discount on journals for all class participants. What more could a tangler want of a day between summer and foliage season. Hope to see you at Terry's retreat. "      - Bonnie B.

To see the class post on The BeeHive site, click HERE.

The retreat sounds like a lot of fun! If I can recover from Santa Fe in time, I hope to attend Terry's Retreat too. :-)


  1. Are the classes with Marie and Rick the only way to get your CZT?


  2. Yes, if you would like to teach Zentangle, you need to be certified by Rick and Maria.

    This mini retreat with Terry is open to anyone and will be a lot of fun. :-)


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