Monday, August 22, 2011

Tangled Stairs, Part One

Well, I asked if anyone wanted to help tangle the stairs up to my studio... and I admit I was afraid no one would show. Silly me!

It took us a while to get started, chatting, lunch and all that. But everyone was a little nervous to actually DRAW on the wall. So I followed the usual Zentangle® steps and drew a string, in pencil, down the entire wall! Strings are a real "ice-breaker." I suggested everyone start with some kind of Crescent Moon variety along the railing trim and then grow out from there. After that, everyone just took off. It was incredible how fast the time went! And we had quite a few curious visitors who peeked in from the store (Wingdoodle) to see what we were up to.
Jenn Swett claimed the top of the steps.
Debbie Skinner-Perez was next down from Jenn.
Then Bette Abdu (CZT!) and Krystin Watts (soon to be CZT!)

Jenn's "tile"
Debbie's "tile"

Krystin's "tile"

My "tile" - I had the bottom of the stairs. I still have a lot to draw!

It looks pretty good, doesn't it? I just realized that we had one person for each of the sections of the wall! There's still so much to add - we have to finish these sections, then there's the other side of the stairs... and I was thinking the tangles should go around the door and into the store... and then we need shading...

Want to come and tangle, too? I'll be at it again on Tuesday, August 30th and Saturday, September 10th, from 1pm on - join me!  The Belfry is above Wingdoodle at 19 E. Main Street in Warner, NH

[OH! and in a completely unrelated tangent - Wingdoodle is having a huge (40% off!) sale this coming weekend (Aug. 27 & 28) to clear out a bunch of stuff, like leather purses and craft kits, DIY vinyl figures - that kind of stuff. Wingdoodle doesn't have many sales (like, two!) so, just thought you might like to know that!]


  1. Wow, the stairway looks marvelous! You were blessed with a very talented group of tanglers. I wish I lived closer, so that I could have joined you.

  2. What fun!!! I need to think about getting some of my friends to do an area in my studio!!!! Absolutely love it!!!!

  3. Ultra cool, Sandy!! Love seeing WCA dear-hearts Debbie, Jen & Bette there!

  4. That looks great! Wish I lived closer, then I would love to help ;)

  5. Wow, I wish I lived closer (Austalia is just a little far to come.). My daughter said "Why don't you go to America to do it??" haha! I wish!! I would love to come over for a CZT course, but it is sadly way out of my reach.
    Your stairs look fantastic Sandy. So glad you had talented helpers on the day.
    Sydney, Australia

  6. Looks like you guys had a blast! Wish I could have been there! My prize package arrived and I've done a review of your book Thanks again for having a fabulous contest!

  7. What a great idea to ask for helpers, all the work (fun) is amazing. I would have come and had a look but like Dee, I live in Australia. Wouldn't have been confident enough though to tangle on someone else's walls.
    Dianne in Aust

  8. Took us a little while to get rolling but then we each got into the tangling and it was really fun. I hope to get back to do more work on that 'tile' I started but even if I don't I'm sure one of the amazing folks who are in on this project will finish it up. This may give me the courage to tangle on some of my own walls
    Bette Abdu, CZT

  9. It will look even more amazing when it's finished! It was a lot of fun - if you have some unused wall (or floor!) give it a try. It gets easier after the first stroke. ;-D
    Sandra - thanks for the great review. I need more press (good press!) I need to sell books!

  10. Oh you Australian Minions! I've been thinking i really want to take some field trips to discover the people behind these words and blogs and tangles. Another CZT has been encouraging me to think about mini-retreats around the country - and around the world - if we can get ourselves organized. Wow- how cool would that be?! If you agree, help promote my books and I promise I will work towards a "world tour". I get butterflies in my chest just writing that!!!

  11. All of the areas look great, but my heart is going pitterpat for those mushrooms!

  12. herkimer wants me to tell you how jealous he is....but forget herkimer I'M JEALOUS. it's wonderful!! are all these people available to come to illinois and tangle a bathroom?

  13. Oh Herkimer, we'd all LOVE to tangle in your bathroom! ;-D But, we have just a few expenses...


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