Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Dangerous Mission. Want to Play?

... down

Want to help tangle the stairwell walls at my studio? 
Sunday, August 21 from noon til we drop. 
I'll supply paint pens, you bring your own lunch/snacks. 
The Belfry, 19 E. Main Street, Warner, NH

The walls above the railings are already divided into sections so we can pretend those are the "tiles." Although, some of the tangles may... creep.. over into other tiles. BTL JOOS has a tendency to do that. Or they might go under the trim to get to a new tile... it should be fun! And there are a LOT of sections we can work on. 

Any age tangler is welcome as long as: 
1) they already know how to tangle  
2) they are tall enough to reach the tangle-able walls  
3) they are stable enough to stand on the inclined surface and draw.
4) no whiners (or brats)

I really hope I am not all alone on Sunday. Just tangling away in the Belfry. Actually, that sounds kind of nice... 
but it is supposed to rain, so come spend your gloomy day with me. ;-D


  1. I would love to tangle your walls...unfortunately, I am a little far away in Texas....but it sounds like great lots of pictures!!

  2. Wish I could be there! I don't even have a stairwell I could tangle in and pretend to be there! Sounds like great fun!

  3. You keep advertising these fun things, but you're too far away!

  4. Distance is a state of mind.
    Hmmm...? You could draw onto thick tissue paper... and I could decoupage it onto the wall... and then... tangle around it to integrate it... oh-oh - I feel another book coming on.
    I think I need a sabbatical! (And a margarita.)

  5. What a great project!! I, too, am too far away. Hope you have a great turn out and post lots of pictures!

  6. getttt outttt!!! WOW...Wish I could come!

  7. What a fun idea!!! Looking forward to seeing the outcome.

  8. Herkimer wants to come so bad he tried to get Plunko-Bob to drive him to New Hampshire in my Pearl!!!! In my PEARL. I can only imagine the tragedy that would ensue especially since I found out that PB is brewin' hooch in a still in my shed!!! Needless to say they won't be there to help but they will be there in spirit!! (or in PB's case "spirits")

  9. Oh Plunko-Bob I am So ashamed! He would have been much better behaved if he had known what we just got at Wingdoodle... wind-up UglyDolls! Ohmigosh they are so cute!!!! (And IceBat watches - I want the one with "diamonds") But the wind-ups would make great minions. Can you imagine? Oooo - a wind-up Lilah Bean, hmmm....

  10. I would also love to go, but I am in Colorado.. bummer! please post pics after you guys are done!

  11. A wind-up friend would be a good influence on Plunko-Bob. Sort of an Ugly "Friend of Bill" It would have to be a "spy" version to keep him in line preferably one with Black OPs training. I'll just have to inlist one of your minions! Then poor Herkimer can oncentrate on his art!!


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