Monday, August 8, 2011

Book Signing at Wingdoodle

Saturday's party at Wingdoodle was a blast! SherRee had a nice, short post on the Wingdoodle blog and I snitched her photo collage! All the pics I took were from behind the table, so I wanted you to see that there were, in fact, other people in attendance! I should ask her for the original shots, so you can see them a bit bigger. Anyway, I signed books and did a free mini-workshop, folks made their own Zentangle pins and, of course, there was delicious food made by Kayla (SherRee's daughter, and my kid's babysitter). She rocks. If you missed it (What!?) you can still come to a similar event at Mill Brook Gallery in Concord. That one will be on Wed (the 10th) from 1-3pm.

Here's a mosaic of some of the tiles done by the mini-class students. Nice!

My son Alex, sat next to me and signed books too. He wrote the book intro, the Mendhi section, some art, and the music for the book trailer on YouTube. He got so into drawing tangles, I had to nudge him to get his signature. He's at music camp this week, so he won't be signing books at Mill Brook Gallery. :-( Ah well.

I have to admit - I am bursting with pride at his musical achievements - but I have been secretly devastated that he put his "art" on the back burning for the past few years. He used to draw the most incredible maps and diagrams for worlds and machines that he dreamt up. And, anyone who followed me PZT (that's Pre-Zentangle), knows that Alex used to have his own rubber stamp line. He drew constantly. He told me, a few years ago, that it's just not possible for him to pursue everything at the same time. So he chose to concentrate on his music and dance. Wise boy. I'm still trying to pursue everything! Anyway, it made my heart feel good to see the boy draw. Draw, boy, draw! He even came up with a cool new tangle called "Eddies". When he gets back from music camp he can post the steps for Eddies on the Kidz site. BTW - doesn't he look JUST like his cartoon character in Zentangle for Kidz! ? My daughter showed up an hour after the event ended, so she didn't get to sign anything. But, then, a four year old with a Sharpie marker is a dangerous thing!

Krystin (one of my Wingdoodle minions) was in charge of the button-making project - which was very successful judging by the fact that everyone who came to get their books signed, was wearing a pin! But, I wanted you to see the table cover from the project table...

Cute, eh? Lilah Beans everywhere! (And don't forget to enter the contest - the deadline is this Wednesday!) Oh, and Krystin is going for CZT training this fall! Wingdoodle will truly be a one-stop Zentangle paradise. I am incredibly lucky to have such a great staff here at the shop!! I need to bring a couple of them along on Wed. to the Mill Brook Gallery event!


  1. I love the children's Zentangles! It looks like they were having fun. I can't wait to introduce them to my students when the school year starts. Congratulations! By the way, is the August 10th deadline for the "Lilah Beans" the date they're supposed to be received by or the date they need to be postmarked by?

  2. August 10th is the postmarked date. I should have made that clearer, sorry. And the party was a blast!
    I'd love to see what your kids come up with!


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