Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Contest Update

I've gotten quite a few frantic emails about the Lilah Bean contest deadline.

August 10th is the deadline to MAIL the Beans
(unless you are in Australia, in which case, I hope you have already sent them!!)

That means they need to be postmarked BY the 10th.

I will start posting the entries on the Kidz blog, on Thursday and there will be a "poll" where everyone can vote. As the late entries arrive, I will add them to the poll. I think Sunday will be the last day to vote.

BTW - the entries I have seen so far are amazing!!! I am going to have a really hard time picking the Best of Show! (Not that I am complaining - this is great fun!)


  1. I put my entries in the mail yesterday. You should be them by tomorrow, Sandy. This was fun and the Lilah Bean tangles are so cute.

  2. Sandy. What instrument your son plays? what kind of music he likes to play?

  3. Alex plays the saxophone - also piano, harmonica, and a bunch of other wind-y instruments. :-) He loves jazz.

  4. Oh were oh were have the minions gone? Oh were oh were can they be? I so wanna see them!! LOL


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