Thursday, August 11, 2011

Book Signing Pt. 2 - The Mill Brook Event

Yesterday (Wednesday) was the book signing event at Mill Brook Gallery in Concord. This was absolutely amazing! There were at least 50 people there. I was so incredibly nervous and that combined with the humidity from the rainstorm followed with a hot, sunny afternoon... well, you can see that my hair looks like a brillo pad. ;-)

There were a lot of kids at this event - and quite a few teachers too. They brought tiles and sketchbooks to show me what they had been learning from my books (how cool is that!!?) There were at least three other CZTs there and my Canadian groupie/CZT/student - Laura Breisacher. She keeps showing up in very unexpected places!

A small section of my mini-class. What are they looking at...?
...they're looking at the class mosaic!
I did a mini-class out on the deck, then everybody had a chance to make their own buttons and get their books signed and talk to me. The kids here were a lot braver than the ones at the Wingdoodle signing. Go figure. The adults were braver too, although there were quite a few who were afraid to try tangling. These pictures are from Bette Abdu (CZT 1):

Tangling buttons (and the tablecloth)

Carol Belliveau (artist/tangler) and me. Yes, I'm signing books on my lap! All the really important things got their own tables... food, books for sale, pin-making...

My mom, ahem... my "PR Agent" (hee hee), Kay Steen

Devoted fans... really, you can come closer, I won't bite... hard.

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  1. Sandy, keep sharing those "pink elephants". One of the best ways to banish them is to reveal them in the light. It helps us do what we can. As the comedian Christopher Titus says, "when you see the s**t is going to hit the fan, well just step to the side".

    I admire your spunk, your pluck and your hopefulness. Keep it up!


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