Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Original

A not-so-glamorous shot of the Original Lilah Bean. You might think that it would be difficult to read a book with an entire leg in the way... but, no, Lilah is completely absorbed in her Zentangle for Kidz! book. She did have a lot of comments to make, though. Such as... "Lilah wouldn't be saying "Wheee!" because she is actually too scared. Her brother pushed her!" and "The little Lilah Bean in the plant in my drawing is actually part penguin. He's a Penguin Bean." And her favorite batch of Beans are the Chess pieces. And the little mermaid Bean swimming in "Oshun." And...
(I think she likes the book!)


  1. That's too cute. I love the leg up in the air.

  2. What a sweet little critic! I miss my girls' childhood comments. At least I still have my elementary school students.

  3. My Dear Sandy,
    No wonder you can't sleep...with that much creating space, you must constantly be plotting you next (or current) adventure(s). So many talents--so little time! You do a beatiful job of balancing your life with your business, I think you should appreciate yourself like we do, and roll over with a smile tonight..(maybe hug a bear (I do)...and enjoy the most restful sleep that you have had in a while...You are gonna be amazed--and smile when you wake up! Thanks for the inspiration! Andrea


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