Monday, July 29, 2013

Spinning with Joy!

In case I forget to tell you, I think you are all amazing!
Here's another really cool letter as proof:

I really enjoyed Totally Tangled and it is the one book I keep in my bag with my tangle supplies. I thought you may want to see what I was inspired to paint. I am primarily a fiber artist: spinning, weaving, dyeing (you can see what I do in my etsy store). 

I admit I hate to exercise. I find nothing productive about walking for an hour in front of a TV. I love spinning yarn. Combine the two and I will exercise happily. 

So I converted an exercise bike to a spinning wheel. I designed it to look like an antique sewing machine and used tangles inspired by your book to paint the frame. Here are a couple of photos. 
- Joy Cain

Spinning wheel? Exercise bike?! Zentangles?!!! 
You are as curious as I was, right?


Joy's Spinning Machine! ...

Joy Cain

Joy Cain

It really works and she has posted the steps for creating the machine on her blog Joy Did It.


  1. That is absolutely amazing. What a great idea.
    Linda E.

  2. Exercise AND yarn spinning! Brilliant! Maybe I should dust off my spinning wheel!

  3. Can you combine an exercise bike, a spinning wheel AND a duster? ;-)

  4. How creative! Combining the dreaded exercise routine with something you love. She is amazing. Love the gold artwork on the bike.


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