Thursday, July 25, 2013

Results of Tangle Contest #2 - Annee

Prepare to be amazed! This gets better and better. Here are the results of this week's challenge.
Behold... Annee...

Becki Miller
Angela Whalen

Cheryl Rotnem

Debra Castaldi

Dennie York

Diane Yaciuk (Winner of YAF Challenge)

Dorothy Allison

Janneke de Lange

Jean Chaney

Jessica Swanson

Jessica Swanson - close-up

Judy Burkett

Judy Burkett 2

Lena Ulses

Linda McMillen

Lois Stokes

Lynne Norikane Newbarry

Maya Hardcastle

Melody Hampshire

Nicole Kelly

Penny Brouckaert

Rita Nikolajeva

Rita Nikolajeva 2

Sharron Morris

Traci Frogley

Arnoldo Romero

Linda Fine
And the winner of Challenge #2 - Annee is....
Megan Schlobohm!!!

Megan Schlobohm
(Megan, be sure to email me where you want your super secret, highly coveted new Tangle Cards to be sent!)

Tomorrow I will post the next Tangle Card. I hope everyone will do another piece and pass the word around too. Megan (and Diane), you are welcome to enter again - you just can't win twice. ;-)


  1. Yes, Diane and Megan, keep posting! I am totally amazed by the talent and colour and variety of entries. Thanks to you too Sandy for the challenge. Without it I am sure I would not have had the chance to see all the places that zentangle has taken others, and get a glimpse of the mind-boggling possibilities it presents. There are so many twists and turns to see, and it is marvelous to hear about the journey that others have been following.

  2. What a marvelous feast of creativity! Love seeing them all!

  3. These are all so beautiful and Megan's? well magnificent+.

  4. These are absolutely amazing, Sandy you must have such a hard time choosing!

  5. My goodness! One more beautiful than the next. I am a bit relieved I gave up as I couldn't have imagined anything so beautiful, let alone draw thins one in a pleasing manner. I'm just gonna have to buy the cards. ;-)

  6. Never give up! Never give up! :-) (But I know what you mean).


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