Thursday, July 18, 2013

Results of Tangle Contest #1 - Y.A.F.

There were so many incredible entries! I'll post them all here so you can see what incredible work everyone did. You can see more details and some explanations of the pieces on the Beez Ink Studio Facebook page. Now before you go scrolling through to see if you won, I just have to say that this was a LOT harder than I had thought it would be. I tried making up criteria, just picking my favorite (yeh - that didn't work - I liked something about each one...), stepping back and seeing which one looked best as a thumbnail, every variation possible. In the end, I got Alex to help me (he's a CZT now - whoo-hoo!) and we narrowed it down to two criteria... which one used the most YAFs and which one had a charming reward for looking carefully. :-) Ok, now you can look.

Arnoldo Romero

Becki Miller

Brandi Cooper Heidi King

Brooke Gustavel

Cathy Raboin Staeven

Debra Robinson Michael

Dennie York

Debra Castaldi

Eduardo Martinez

Emily Classon

Faith Kaminsky Cohen

Ginny Stiles

Carol Graham

Janneke de Lange

Jay Worling (1)

Jay Worling (2)

Jean Chaney

Lena Ulses

Lila Popcheff

Lois Stokes

Lynne Norikane Newberry

Lynne Norikane Newberry (shrink plastic charm)

Mary Leavelle

Maya Hardcastle

Rita Nikolajeva

Traci Frogley

And the winner for THIS round is.... drum rollllllll.....

Diane Yaciuk
Diane Yaciuk!!!!
(Diane, be sure to email me where you want your brand-spankin' new Tangle Cards to be sent!)

Tomorrow I will post the next Tangle Card. I hope everyone will do another piece and pass the word around too. Diane, you are welcome to enter again - you just can't win twice. ;-)

Oh last note - I know this was in the entry rules, but I wanted to say again that I am hoping to use many of these entries in a book I am working on and entry in the contest means you give me permission. However, I will still need your written permission and any contact info you might want included. This means that if you DO NOT want to be included, that's fine too. I can't force fame and fortune on you. Well... fame, anyway. ;-)
Just let me know.

Nice work everyone!!


  1. Wow--what a great range of work! Congratulations, Diane!

  2. Everyone's work was amazing. Congratulations to Diane. Blessings!

  3. Congratulations Diane, it truly is beautiful. So many fabulous works of art :) Thank you Sandy for the opportunity :)

  4. Congrats ,Diane! And everyone for such beautiful work. Cannot wait for the next round! How many entries can we do for each one ,Sandy? It was hard to only do is like Lay's potato chips!
    Mary Leavelle

  5. Sandy, These are all amazing pieces of work. Congratulations to Diane for a wonderful piece of art. This is one more art form I'm going to try. Thanks for sharing. Pat

  6. Oh wow. No wonder you had such a hard time deciding on a winner!

  7. I'm glad you see how difficult it was to choose! :-)
    And Mary - you can enter as many as you want.

  8. Your tangle cards are extremely impressive. Not only do they clearly show patterns, they provide almost instant understanding of depth and contour. As for the contestants, bravo!

  9. I've already pre-order my cards. Sept seems so far away. I have a little makeup bag that I take a little sketch pad, pen & everything else I need to tangle. The cards will be the right size to put in my bag. So much easier than taking a book. Thank you.

  10. These are amazing creations. Can't wait to start on mine for Challenge #4.

  11. I love YAF, and I just realized that it isn't on Tanglepatterns, which makes me doubly glad I've started reading your blog. I did a YAF tangle last night: - just in case you're interested. ��


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