Sunday, July 14, 2013

Time to Runaway Again! Come with me?

I got a message from the Universe that I needed to go to camp this summer. I've had the camp on my calendar for months, but JUST signed up yesterday.

I'm going to Art {retreat} Camp on Mayhew Island (New Hampshire):

Here's a picture I snitched from their website:

If that's not enough incentive, here's a list of the teachers:

Rachel Blumberg, Mati McDonough, Lisa Solomon, Mimi Kirchner, Jess Greene, Monica Pasqual, Rebecca Emberley and director Susan Schwake

AND I will finally get to learn some embroidery  AND encaustics!!! These are on my bucket list along with mosaics and cement casting. Seriously. The camp is only a small group of people. It's on an island. Someone else will make food for me. And ALL the materials are supplied. Oooooo....

So I have blocked off the time in my calendar, switched kid days with my ex, and paid for my spot... all I'm missing is an art friend to join me! (I've always hated going to camp on my own) If you decide this sounds like the best camp for big people - ever - then go sign up! There are just a few spots left. Oh! And when you sign up - tell Susan I sent you and you will get a free massage at the retreat! (No, not by me). :-)

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  1. OOOooooh, it certainly sounds intriguing. I just looked at the instructors and I might have gone to high school with one....Mimi Kirchner! I'll have to contact her to see. I'm tossing the idea of going around in my head.


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