Saturday, September 17, 2011

Squam day #...?

I am sitting on a dock, with a chocolate chip cookie, thinking about what I need from my life. It is actually homework for today's class with Jen Lee. Well, the cookie isn't homework.

It is an incredible experience to be around so many other square pegs. I had thought I would blog about my classes and the amazing teachers, but I was too tired and just didn't feel like it. But today I am taking a class about the care of artists. Kind of like a self- maintenance guide. I am learning how to recognize the edge of the precipice, and not allow myself to keep walking over that edge. Willingly.

So, what is the universe telling me? Other than I need to blog at this bizarre moment in time? It is saying that the lake is very high and the water is only inches below my butt.... No, it's saying I need to make some new stories to tell myself. The old ones are bringing me down. I need to be a little bit more of who I was before I let myself become who I have been portraying. And it's a fine time to try on some new clothes. Literally and figuratively. Kind of like that old saying about using the good china. What the heck am I waiting for? AND, tonight is the Squam Art Fair and Wholly Tara will be there! I SO need some artsy clothes! :-)

Time to go back to class- I must embrace my weirdness. Most people were probably enjoying the beauty of nature and writing in their journals. I needed to blog. Go figure.


  1. Whatever it is you're doing, you're doing what you should be up there. Say hello and give a hug to the beautiful Jonatha Brooke, from Janice in NJ, who gave her the rhinestone heart pin at Grounds for Sculpture (peacock land), when last we met. Enjoy your time and pamper yourself. Someday I hope to join in at Squam.

  2. AT LAST I've found someone who may think like I do! Kinda like the song, "Do your ears hang low,do they wobble to and fro, can you tie 'em in a knot, can you tie 'em in a bow, can you throw 'em over your shoulder, like a Continental Soldier? Do your ears hang low?" Ah-h-h, I do hope you see the connection, it's too hard to explain. The world's a fine place, isn't it?
    Our paths are wondrous, and filled with the unexpected, and not so sublime. Yet, as professional creative penquins we keep dancin'
    and marvel at how we do it over and over. Do not tire dear heart. Meditate on some water's edge or in the grocery parking lot. See yourself as vital, viable and re generate yourself by your creative artistic drive. Go! Girl!

  3. Life is full of surprises!! I like weirdness in people and so looking forward to meeting you at CZT7.

  4. Yeah! Weird people! Yeah creative penguins! Yeah Squam!

  5. Sandy, how wonderful. You have Jennifer Lee! I am working through her book right now, at a crossroads, not in my work, but how to move forward.

    Good luck. I can only imagine what your end result is going to look like :-)


  6. The answer is within you. You're amazing Sandy.
    Thank you for all your inspiration, honesty and sharing.
    You rock girl! x

    Yvonne Carruthers (Edinburgh UK)

  7. Hello Fellow Square Pegglin,
    Being a creative soul takes energy, lots of it. You are where you need to be, in your retreat. You are re-fueling your pump. This past year has been bumpy...mine too. Cut yourself some slack, beautify... smell the flowers. In another year,you'll look back and sarcastically laugh and then giggle and realize, you're taking yourself way toooo seriously. Wishing you great space to live, breathe and a warm ray of sunshine, Marguerite

  8. Ah yes, good to hear, especially giving up the voices in your head holding you in that disconcerting place of the last few years. Keep harkening back to the younger you who really wanted to live life to fullest before 25. Keep digging, she is clawing her way into the now!
    Sharla from Czt retreat


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