Saturday, September 10, 2011

Graveyard Bash

 On my Grandmother's Birthday, we marched off to the cemetery for a little visit and some cake. Of all the holidays and traditions that families can follow or create, this has become one of our favorites. So, welcome to our Second Annual Grandma Magda's Birthday Celebration. If you would like to see some pics from the first annual celebration, click here.
Lilah brought a sunflower and some seeds as a present.
We brought the darkest, chocolatey cake possible.
My mom.
My mom, sits on HER mom.
Lilah, sits on HER mom... me!
So serious. Contemplating cake?
Holy Bat Shack, Robin! The teenager cracked a smile!
 Time for some exercise! How about... soccer?
 Just in case, you are thinking this is a strange thing to do in a graveyard... yes, a lady was exercising her horse here too.
 No, I am not lecturing him. But, yes, my daughter is making the universal gesture meaning, "MomMEE! I gotta GO!" I bet all you other moms had the same idea, right? For you non-moms, a clue: the white bag, center stage.
 And of course we left a huge chunk of cake for grandma! Doesn't it look like the bear is going to eat it? Very appropriate. My grandmother always wanted to be a bear, so we think of her as being a bear who lives in the forest next to the graveyard. She watches us play and talk about her and laugh. When it gets dark, she comes out and gets the cake. We still miss you vanaema.

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  1. What a wonderful way for you and your family to remember your grandma.


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