Tuesday, September 27, 2011

AlphaTangle Opinions?

I could use your opinions...
Do you own a copy of AlphaTangle? The original black covered one that I self-published, or the red covered one from Design Originals? Do you have a preference? Are there any changes you'd like to see to an updated or revised version? Larger? Smaller? Unshaded? New letters? Labeled tangles or no? Anything... Tell me your tangled (alphabet!) fantasies.


  1. Hmmm. I like them both, but the since this is my traveling tangle book, the smaller the better. That's to say, small in square size. Thicker with added tangles is perfectly okay,though. lol!

  2. I do have your little black cover book and it is my traveling reference too. It is small enough to put in my purse and have ready for tangling. I love small. I am not very adept at tangling as I never was allowed to doodle as a child so I never got the hang of it. My little tangles are simple and fun and that is fine with me.

  3. Alpha Tangle is on my wish list, so I have to say I haven't seen one yet.

    Labeled tangles are a must; some shading vs. unshaded for perspective; and a nice index of the tangles would be good. I don't know what letters you would add - but numbers are a possibility. I like the size of Totally Tangled and Yoga for the Brain, but I can see the benefit of a smaller size as well.

  4. I love the original (size, cover, shading, names of tangles) that you self published. That has been the preference for all the students we have taught and who have bought!

  5. What a timely question! I have been wanting to write to you for awhile. When I purchased the original of AlphaTangle I was able to see the drawings. A short time after, I was diagnosed with Diabetic Retinopathy. (macula edema in both eyes) and can no longer read it. Is there any way I can exchange it for the newer version? It is in perfect condition and I very much want to be able to start practicing the tangles in it.
    Thanks. Your blog is a delight to read!

  6. I have the red book which I really like - I didn't look at the black book when I did my training so can't compare - I like the size as it fits in a handbag - what I would like is one that had the construction of the patterns either as it is now with the construction of patterns on the opposite page or failing that as there are many patterns for each letter maybe a book that size with lots of tangle instructions. I'd love to have a small book with each page having a different tangle construction.

  7. I have the little black book, the original, & it's wearing out from being used as my "traveling reference book"; w/that in mind, I've thought about getting the red "new" version, but, for some reason...I think I like the black one because it's self-published & therefore not burdened with logos & promotional doo-dads for Design Originals - it's "clean" & I like that. The labels on the tangles aren't intrusive; they're also part of the usefulness of the book (a "field guide" to wild tangles you may meet), so I'd vote to keep them. Perhaps, an "updated" version might include tangles that have come into being since you did the book. I love the format, the ABCs, illustrated guide, showing the tangles not in isolation but as they would be on a tile...

  8. Frankly, Sandy, ANYTHING you choose to do with the AlphaTangles would be fine & dandy with me, but I am a die-hard fan. I buy your books before & instead of the other ones on Z'Tangling because they are just plain better, more accessible, un-didactic-feeling & 'way more fun! Sometimes, it seems to me that this whole "movement", a-la Rick&Marie, takes on an air of self-consciousness that is, well, a little off-putting to me; like, "we take ourselves very seriously here in this paradise we've invented & illustrated & we let in the grubby public (the non-CZTs) on sufferance." (Okay, so I'm a little miffed that finances will never allow me to take a CZT class, still...) You're always playing with it, keeping it on a level that we "just folks" can relate to - the red pen invasion, for example - & that is soooo very wonderful. I was ready to chuck the whole thing - pretty box & all - except that your books kept bringing me back! So, with advisement or without it, keep doing what you're doing, Sandy. Just the fact that a book has your hands on it will make it special, no matter what! You're my hero!
    Rebecca ( - for whom it's taken 2 posts in a row (sorry) to figure out how to publish 1!

  9. I own a copy of all your books, except for your self-published version of AlphaTangle. As mentioned in the other comments, the red Alphatangle is the perfect size for a reference book, since it can be easily carried when traveling. The letters are large enough to see the details, and the labels are helpful, since the tangles appear in alphabetical order. I don't replicate any of your designs, since I enjoy challenging myself to create my own original designs, so I don't see the need for numbers. In addition, the latter would not fit the concept of having the tangles in alphabetical order. If you are going to create an Alphatangle II, I believe it should be one that features your original tangles, instead of the Official ones. Blessings!

  10. Sandy,

    I love the original black version and always sold many copies as I marketed it as a pocket reference. The red one is just a tad too big to call pocket-size.

    I keep a small camera case filled with tiles and pens (fabulous idea from CZT Diane Ryan) in my purse with my "little black book."

    I even took the book to Staples and had them cut off the binding and install a spiral binding ($4). This allows the book to lay flat, or I can fold it over and reference only one page at a time. Prior, I had to keep opening the book to take a look, put it down while I drew, and then pick it back up for another look. The spiral binding isn't that pretty but it works wonderfully.

    I hope this helps.

    Diane Lachance, CZT

  11. I adore my little black copy... the *only* thing I'd change is to make it small enough to fit into a Zentangle Kit box! It'd be a perfect accompaniment - and you could take it with you everywhere. xoxo

  12. How about smaill enough to fit in the mini kit? or would that be too small? I bought some of the little black ones at a great price and gave one to each of a group of teachers in one of my classes and they loved them. There is something really appealing about the small size.

  13. I just ought my own copy of Alphatangle YAY!! :}} and I'm wondering if the letters can be outlined before drawing in the tangles?

  14. Great ideas everyone - i really appreciate your thoughts and opinions. To answer a few questions... i had wanted the book to be the same size as the original tiles (3.5x3.5) but the press couldn't handle such a tiny size. The smallest was 4x4. But if you take the CD out of the kit, Alpha can fit in. And to those who may be losing faith in Zentangle, please don't. It's not about any one (or two) people, any book, or anything you read on the internet. It's a way to access your own creativity. That's all that matters in the end, OK? :-)


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