Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Squam Day One

I have started a tradition of running away for my birthday, which is tomorrow. So right now I am sitting on my bed in my cabin... Completely exhausted. This is the second year that I have spent my birthday at the Squam Art Workshops and I think I am addicted. At the welcome lecture, I noticed these very cool lights. It looks like a tube of sheer fabric with fairy lights inside. I'd like to put these all over my house.


  1. i am a little envious :) have a great escape!

  2. Happy Birthday tomorrow Sandy. Thank you for being you and for all the super inspiration you have given us, your followers.

    Gwen in Victoria, BC

  3. Hope your birthday is filled with blessings!

  4. It was my birthday yesterday, and all I wanted to do was run away but have no place to run to. How can I run away too. You're lucky you can and to such a neat place too. Any way, best wishes to you.

  5. Great tradition. And happy birthday!


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