Friday, September 30, 2011

Around the Web

I'm showing up in a few places around the web (cool!):

• Suzanne McNeill wrote about her visit to the Sketchbook Project and she actually found my sketchbook in the library (there are thousands of books!) She took a photo to prove it! This is a great shot of Suzanne too. :-)
Suzanne showing my page with my tangle "Flores DeCasa"
• Suzanne also posted a video on YouTube of the CZT Retreat this summer in N. Andover, MA. This is Part 1 and has some great tangles and tips. I'll be in part 2 which will be posted next Thursday. So be sure to check back - I show how to draw the tangle "Oshun" - and I remember being insanely nervous - so no making fun of me, OK?            (It's live! Go here to see part Two).

• Alyce Edrich featured an interview with me on her blog, The Dabbling Mum! It's a great interview (if I do say so myself.)

• I was a featured artist on the Luminarte blog in Sept.
The first post was an introduction.
The second was a Black-on-Black ZIA project.
The second, a White-on-White canvas project.
And the third (should be posted next week), a junk mail, Zentangle® journal (inspired by Carla Sonheim - one of my heros).

If you guys see me anywhere else in your internet (or real-life) ramblings please let me know! It is such a freaky feeling, but kinda cool too. OR, if you have any great ideas about where I SHOULD be - let me know that too. :-)


  1. I have to agree, you did a great interview for my site. Thank you again!

  2. This is wonderful! I've just watched the you tube videos and they're great!
    Next it's reading the interview!
    I did not finish my sketchbook, good for you! I bet it is beautiful!


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