Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Doodlers Anonymous Coloring Book!

I get so excited about the strangest things, but being in the new Doodlers Anonymous Coloring Book really tops my charts!

"Volume 4 of the Doodlers Anonymous coloring book features the doodles and drawings of 60 artists from around the globe - some fresh novices, others seasoned veterans, all of whom share a love for the hand-drawn.

The artwork is playful, beautiful and inspiring - not something off the shelf. So treat yourself, your family, and your faves to a little bit of happy!"

 This crazy animated gif features a few of the images from the new book. If you stare really hard at it, you can catch a glimpse of my art! It's a mandala-ish sort of thing made up of plant pods... no, really, it's cool!! Even Lilah likes it. And it will be very fun to color.

If you pre-order it now, CLICK HERE, you can save $3 off the regular price. The three previous coloring books are also really nice.

If you are thinking of giving this as a Christmas gift, I suggest including a set of Staedtler fine tip coloring pens. I have just recently gotten addicted to these and was freaked to discover that there is not only a gorgeous set of 20, but also two additional sets with pastels and forest colors. The images in these coloring books have very fine details, so I think these pens - with the books - would be Doodle Nirvana!

Here are some Amazon links for the pens:

And, yes, you can create tangles in color with these pens too!

UPDATE 12/13/14:

I wanted to show you a page I colored in one of the older Doodlers Anonymous coloring Books.

Line art by Amaia Arrazola

I used the Fineliner pens and the colors look bright and beautiful. Because they are finepoint, I color in with crosshatching.

In areas where I went over many times, some of the color bled through to the back of the page. Not as bad as with regular tipped markers though.

I didn't care about the image on the back (a motorcycle), but you could always photocopy the page if you are worried about that.

marker bleed thru on back of page
As far as longevity - I really don't know. Markers aren't designed to last for a long time. Graphic designers used them for speed of color application and the art was scanned for reproduction. If your coloring book masterpieces mean a lot to you, I suggest scanning or taking a photo. But the whole point is to enjoy the process while working - and I enjoy using these colored pens. :-)


  1. Congratulations on you inclusion in this totally fun coloring book. Will you also sell these directly? or should we order from the company? What is the paper like - guess you've tried the Triplus Fineliner Pens already...right?

  2. HOORAY!! I just ordered my copy--congratulations!! luv from michigan, jane

  3. Wow! Congrats Sandy! And thanks for the tip on the Staedler pens. I have a set of 10 and love them. Never thought to look for more colors. Now they are all on my Amazon wish list.

  4. Great-looking coloring book! Some Staedtler pen reviewers on Amazon said the ink faded badly in a few months, even when in a closed book. Have you any experience with the pens over time?


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