Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cartoon School... Step One

I suppose this might be step "Two" if I count Cartoon Camp this past summer as my first step. 

Today I am up in White River Junction, VT for Portfolio Day at the Center for Cartoon Studies. I haven't shown an actual portfolio in twenty years! I was so incredibly nervous that I almost let the winter storm that woke me up, serve as a sign from The Universe... "Go back to bed! You are too old to go back to school!"

"No!" I shouted! 
Well, maybe I whispered it. 

I'm glad I showed up. Sometimes a storm is just a storm. I chose to take the next event as the real sign from the Universe. My interview with Jason, a teacher at the school, went something like this:

Him: "wait- did you say you went to RISD? When did you graduate?"

Me: "1992, I think."

Him: "I was '91! Illustration?"

Me: "yes! Wow! So you had classes with Judy-Sue and ...?"

That's a pretty good start for an interview! 

With everything I learned about the school, the teachers, the community, financial aid and applications... I no longer have any excuses to put off making my decision. It comes down to - if I do my best with the application materials - I will make the cut. But I have to do it soon since it is rolling admissions and only a very small group is selected. 

Then I can start thinking about how to pay for it! If you are interested in an adorable cottage on a lake in New Hampshire - please buy mine so I can go to cartoon school! And you will notice me selling off more things from my studio too. 

I can do this. I want to do this. I KNOW I can do this. I will find a way to make this work. 

Oh  - and we had dinner at Tuckerbox Cafe tonight - Turkish food, as the name suggests ;-). This place is across the street from MY school. Yet another reason I want to come here. Yummy. 


  1. You Go, Girl!!!! Too old????? I'm 75 and NOT too old to do what I want to do! If you ever stop learning you immediately become "too old to..." Sending lots of love, hugs and encouragement!

  2. So happy for you, and believe me YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!! So few of us do, glad you are one that will go for it, you will never regret it!


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