Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's That Bauble Tree Time of Year

I received the following email this weekend:

Dear Ms Bartholomew,
I have to thank you again. I recently had the pleasure of purchasing your book "The Bauble Tree" in your Etsy shop. I have since written a short blog post about it at  The book was so quick and easy to print out and I love it so much. My 6 year old loved it as much as I for she quickly absconded with it and sat down to draw. You inspired her yet again with the Lilah beans and the tree. I was lucky to get a look at the book after I put it together. Haha. But thank you again for all your efforts and your books that you produce. I know you are a very busy lady and I admire both your work and your simple instructions. These books have been tools for myself as well as our craft program at camp. I look forward to seeing what is next.
Chelsea Radley

I was so blown away by the blog post... and then a second post, that I begged for permission to re-post it here. I edited a little, so if you would like to see the complete posts, just click the titles for either and they will get you there.
Posted: 07 Nov 2014 09:06 AM PST
Hello and welcome to another sporatic installment. I recently purchased the printable book "The Bauble Tree" from Sandy Steen Bartholomew's Etsy shop. It was an instant download so I was able to print right away. 

Following her suggested directions I created a book out of the printout and even added a cardstock cover. 

I folded the pages in half ...


 and glued the back edges together. 

Look at my little munchkin. No sooner did I print and glue than the book was stolen from me! Yes, stolen I say! Because as soon as she got her hands on it she proceeded to draw "bauble" to her heart's content. 

Copying the ideas in the book, Cali sat down and immediately drew her own tree and accompanying tangles. 

She was very intent on her work. And who isn't? Honestly it was a joy to watch her stretch her creative muscles. I fancy that Ms. Bartholomew's daughter and mine would get along quite well when it comes to tangling.

Cali even cut it out and asked for a string to hang it up like an ornament. Seeing as it is not yet Christmas, I headed outside for this shot on our neighboring pine tree. I think her tangled ornament came out quite well! Now if only I could get the chance to play with the book myself. *sigh*

Posted: 08 Nov 2014 03:32 PM PST
Ah, yes. So I finally got hold of the book "The Bauble Tree" and was able to try my hand at this tangle. What resulted was a lot of fun experimentation.

My first attempt was this little card. I colored on with metallic colored pencil. But I thought to myself, can I do more? 

Yes! I did! And I absolute love this little card! 

So how could I make this even better? Well, color it in of course. Thankfully, my color printer did a fantastic job so I just had to cut and fold my papers. I now have over 40 of these little cards to send out this Christmas. I don't think I have ever had Christmas cards ready this fast! 

And my daughter even sat down to tangle and color yet again. What do you think of her version? 

For the third installment in this series, in which Chelsea creates all of her Christmas cards, in November - and under the influence of the Lilah Beans...
click this link to read all those details...

More Ebooks and Tangle Cards

And here are some quick previews of the adorable cards which are available on Chelsea's Etsy shop.

If you would like to get your own copy of The Bauble Tree ebook, come on over to my Bumblebat Etsy shop. This is the perfect time of year for Baubles!

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  1. OoooooWeeee! Just downloaded it! Wonderful! It will be great fun!


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