Friday, November 14, 2014

Tangles of Kells - Now in the Physical World!

I wanted to tell you about my new BOOK! I added a new cover and some new art to the e-book and had it printed on very nice paper and - voila!! - The Tangles of Kells is now available as a BOOK!

I sold pre-release copies to the ladies at Bette Abdu's CZT Retreat a few weeks ago and then I gave copies to my attendees at this past weekend's, ART SWARM. (Yes, I know, I need to do a blog post about the Swarm - it was fabulous!)

While I was procrastin-... ahem... trying to get it listed on my Etsy shop - I saw that it was already having an impact on a fellow SWARMer. Jacque was posting it's effects on her family on Facebook and I asked if I could re-post here:

And here is proof that her boys enjoyed the book...

It got them drawing!

And it got Jacque drawing too!
Stunning white on black...

...and more tradtional black on white..

I think these may be Jacque's first tangles? (Welcome to the rabbit hole!)

I love ebooks and the chance they give to try out a subject without a huge investment. It also makes it really easy to get my books into International tanglers' hands! If you love ebooks, The Tangles of Kells is still available as a downloadable PDF, HERE.

The (NEW!!) printed version is available as a Limited Edition book - signed, with three special postcards, and two Bijou tiles in a pocket inside the front cover. (Get it HERE).

And the regular version of the (NEW!!) Tangles of Kells is available HERE.

Lastly, if you are a CZT, or a teacher, or another person who needs large quantities of Zentangle related books, you can get quantities of ten or more Kells books at wholesale, HERE.

I am very excited to have piles and piles of the new books!! There is something so satisfying about seeing your work in print. But now I need to get these books into YOUR hands. I hope that you will enjoy it and be inspired to make beautiful work of your own. And please share what you are working on on my Facebook Page!


  1. Oh oh I would love to have the Limited Edition, but it said "dont ship to Norway" :(

    1. OK. We'll give it a try again. Just the Limited Edition Tangles of Kells books - will be available for International customers. :-)

  2. How awesome Sandy! And I just posted about the Tangles of Kells on my blog as well. I have been having so much fun with this book! And so has Cali. Although she is still Bauble Bombing away as well. ;)

  3. congratulations on the new book, sandy. i got the ebook when you first came out with it, and i just ordered the limited edition copy. thanks!

  4. Aw limited edition is sold out already :( xx

  5. Awesome! Shall buy the "regular" edition shortly.


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