Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Perfect STAR for "The Bauble Tree"

Just before Christmas, I released my ebook, "The Bauble Tree," with step-outs and techniques and ideas... and a challenge to show me what you do with it. Rita Nikolajeva took the challenge even farther by integrating the Bauble tangle with a new tangle of her own design - Auseklis.

Here is what she posted on my Facebook Studio Page:

by Rita Nikolajeva
Love "The Bauble Tree"! Here's my version of the Baubles, arranged as a star, with golden inner aura (done in my new favourite gold pen - Pilot Choose Gold 07).

Just in case, my step-out for the eight-pointed star I used in the previous ATC. "Auseklis" is Latvian for "morning star", it's an ancient symbol based on a double cross. It offers protection against evil and forces of darkness, and keeps safe the soul of a sleeper. Stars are usually female in Latvian mythology, but Auseklis is a he-star, and often referred to as the bridegroom of the Sun.

AUSEKLIS by Rita Nikolajeva
 Don't you agree, this would be the perfect star for the Bauble Tree?! And this also shows that Bauble can be used in so many different designs other than just a tree shape.

I'd love to see what you all come up with! You can get the ebook HERE and feel free to post your creations on BeezInk Studio's Facebook Page, HERE.

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