Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I have an APP! I have an APP! I have an APP!

Here's the official description-information-stuff:

This app will show you how to draw 40 gorgeous tangles by published author and Certified Zentangle Teacher™ Sandy Steen Bartholomew. These tangles are structured patterns that are easy to make and fantastic to look at.  All you need is a pen, pencil, and paper to start making beautiful art! 

Once you've created your masterpiece, use the built in photo tool to take a picture of your work and file it with the tangles you used.


- 40 tangles from Sandy's "Tangle Cards - Yoga For Your Brain" card pack. Each tangle includes a picture of the finished pattern and step by step visual instructions so you can make them yourself.
- Filter the tangles by shape, shade, and more to find the perfect tangle for your composition.
- Star your favorite tangles to easily find them again.
- Use the built in photo organizer to take pictures of your finished drawings. You can later review your photos organized by the tangle used.
- Also includes a quick start guide to tangling for those new to the process or who could use a refresher.

(Note: This app is not created by or affiliated with Zentangle, Inc.)

Tangle library is designed for iPhones and iPads.

Check it out!!

Demo video, Part 1:

(If you can't see the video, click here to see it on YouTube)

And then, Part 2:

(If you can't see the part 2 video, click here to see it on YouTube)

Want to SEE the face that belongs to the voice on the video? Ian McDowell is the genius behind the Tangle Library App. Visit the Tangle Library web site to learn more.

Got questions? Got opinions (for the developer)? There's a FAQ page for that!

And LIKE us on Facebook so you'll be kept up to date on additional tangles, or if it becomes available for Android phones (we'd need an Android Developer for that).

OH! You want to buy it for yourself!!?? You can get it here:

It will be available for a limited time at a super-special introductory price... then it will go to it's regular price of $4.99 (still a bargain).  Please remember that the App is sold through Apple on the iTunes store. If you have a problem purchasing it or downloading it, I can't help you. You will need to contact them.
If you have comments on the App itself, Ian would love to hear them.
We'd both love to hear praise!
And we appreciate any help in getting the news out to the rest of the world.

I hope you love it!


  1. Very cool, Sandy! Congratulations. Hope it does well!

  2. I got the app this afternoon and know it's going to be an excellent resource when on the go. I like the photo option in which you can tag the tangles you used. Congratulations, Sandy!

  3. Very forward-thinking, Sandy; I'm sure the app will do very well. I'm looking forward to an Android version as soon as you can find a development partner. Congratulations to us, your fans, and to you, on this new venture!

  4. Oh oh oh I love it!!
    Congratulations Sandy!
    I had to buy it at once and it looks great!
    Love everything you make :)

  5. Sandy, this is so awesomtastic!!!
    I have been resisting going out and getting an iPhone etc. because it would be just 1 more distraction for me! BUT this app makes me want to buy the phone JUST so I can get the app, and have it handy all the time! My question is whether you will expand on the library of tangles available? I noticed some of my favourites already, but I am greedy and always want more!! :)

  6. Awesome Sandy, such a pity I do not have a Ipad or Iphone. Maybe for Android too, pleasssssssssssssssse
    Greetz, Ellen Wolters from the Netherlands :-)

  7. What a great App - I love it and highly recommend it! Sandy is a creative genius!!!!

  8. This app is wonderful. I'm so happy to have the tangles from Yoga for Your Brain in my pocket. Thanks!
    Bette Abdu fellow CZT

  9. I'm sooo jealous!!! Android please!!!!

  10. Thanks everyone! :-) I hope you enjoy using it.
    Yes - there are more patterns coming.
    Android... that's another creature entirely - but, if this one does well, Ian will find someone to create an Android App. :-)

  11. Congratulations, Sandy, on being a groundbreaker! I can't comment on the app. I don't have "I" things. Android would be awesome. Glad to hear it may be part of the future.

  12. I bought it and can't wait to use it. Hope more tangles will be added.

  13. Thank you!! I am getting ready to fly to Africa and was trying to find a way to take examples of patterns with me to try. Now I have this APP and I couldn't be happier! You ROCK!

  14. WoooooHoooo, congrats on developing the amazing APP!!!,
    I got it, I got it, I got it!
    Thank you!!!

  15. I just bought it and downloaded it. Probably won't have time to look at it until the weekend. Thanks!
    Aloha, Kate

  16. Me too! Another example of Sandy's genius. And I think Ian did a really good job with that tutorial video. Well done!

  17. I bought it right now!!! didn't even have to watch the video, I just knew it would be awesome!! Very easy to use too!!Thank you!! I have a couple of your books too, but this will be so handy anywhere/everywhere I go!!! Woot woot!! You did it again!! :0) Share Humanity

  18. Great idea. When will the Android version be available? There are lots of us waiting. Thank uou.

  19. Love this idea. I just bought the app and can't wait to use it. It looks great on my iPad. Sandy, you and Ian did a great job. I'm passing the information on. Linda E.

  20. Oh my goodness! I was just telling my husband that "I needed an app for that" while tangling in a doctors office waiting room. You are an artistic ground breaker. Not only with the tangles and app, but in everything you do. I have only been tangling for two months, but have already gotten all my friends involved and I'm teaching my church youth group. I appreciate you and your work. BTW, I just ordered the Kids Cards today as well as the new app. Can't wait to play!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I have to admit that an awful lot of what I do today was inspired by having to spend a lot of time in doctors' offices! :-)

  21. Thanks everyone! You can get more tangles for the library through in-App purchases - which will be added to as the new sets become available. As for Android, I feel like I keep having to post this over and over - ;-) - but this is an ipad/iphone app.

    To create an Android App, we would need an Android App developer and it would need to be done from scratch. This means that Ian and I would have to HIRE someone... as in... "pay them". It is totally POSSIBLE - but for it to happen, this version needs to be successful. So please help us out by spreading the news, the link, the rave reviews... ;-D

  22. Sandy, it looks wonderful! Way to go. If I were an Android developer... if only... but I keep my fingers crossed you will find one soon ;-)

  23. Please, please come forward with an Android app.

  24. I love the app! It is easier to use on the iPad than the iPhone but so are most apps. I hope there will be more versions but please keep the price below $4.99. I bought it at the intro price & am not sure I would have bought it at full price.

  25. I am having problems accessing the app. The Apple store keeps trying to update iTunes. After the update and trying again, the Apple store tries to update iTunes again. Endless loop! I'll try later today . . .

  26. Will it be available on android anytime soon?

  27. I don't have apple, wish it was available for Android.


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