Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tangling Around the World

Actually that would be a good title for a world-wide Zentangle Challenge!

For now, I wanted to show you editions of my books that are coming out on the other side of the world.  Last June, Totally Tangled came out in Dutch, that was very exciting...

And now, my publisher sent me copies of my books in Chinese and Japanese!

Here is the Chinese Totally Tangled:

I think it's pretty cool how the Chinese characters are also filled with tangles! I wonder who did the new art?

They put the original cover as an interior page:

And they divided the book into chapters, each with it's own title page:

The rest of the book looks pretty much the same. On the back cover they put random quoted reviews from Amazon. There is one from "Quercus Design" which is my own sister! Too funny - but kind of ironic that it's on the Chinese one, not the Japanese book. My sister studied in Japan for a year - she could have read that book.

This is the publisher's info, Cube Books - cute the way they did it with the table and chair.
[If you still don't own the English version of Totally Tangled, you can get it here.]

The Japanese book is from Boutique-Sha... The cover looks sort of like Joy of Zentangle, and it lists Suzanne's, Marie's, and my names...

 ... and some of the inside looks kind of like Joy, but reformatted.

But then it starts feeling odd, since there is a lot of my artwork that has been... "re-combined".

And then I noticed that entire pages from my other books have been tossed in...

And the gallery page includes some stuff from Suzanne's fabric tangle book - and my apron. I think this page looks weird in comparison to the rest of the book - which is nicely packed with tangles. These pictures are all cut and pasted from different places but without any explanations or context.

 On the other hand, the text-filled pages are really pretty in their own way...

 If you can get this book, and read Japanese, I imagine this is a really good deal. Three books in one, like a "Best of..." book. Seriously. It's packed!
[Again, if you need Yoga for Your Brain or Joy of Zentangle in English, you can get them here.]

This Yoga for Your Brain book is also coming out from Cube Books:

If you'd like to see inside it, click here.

I admit it is a thrill to see my books translated!! 
If you are not fortunate enough to live in the East or in the US, and have been despairing the lack of access to tangles... your salvation is here! Or, rather, it will be here, tomorrow.... ooo, I'm such a tease! ;-)


  1. I'd love to get my hands on a copy of the Japanese edition! It looks like fun. I have all of the books they used in it but it would be such fun to see them in this format.
    Congrats on being an international author!

    1. Come visit me at the studio! You can see the Dutch one too. :-)

  2. How wonderful it all is! Zentangle has a life of it's own and now it is expanding its horizons. I can't help but notice that Zentangles resemble fractals (that they are fractals, like everything is). A spiritual teacher once said, "The mind breaks the world in a thousand pieces, and the Heart makes it whole again." Something like that! Those are the themes I seem to be coming back to. The Art of Zentangle is a great teacher. I guess we will be seeing some great Zentangles from China and Japan. Their art is wonderful. Congratulations, Sandy, you did good!

  3. That book's really packed! ... There are two huge Japanese bookstores on the East Coast, one in NYC and the other in Edgewater. Their art and fashion books are fantastic. I'll have to check if your book's there. ... Should anyone be visiting NYC, the shop is on 1073 6th Avenue next to Bryant Park. It's huge and fabulous!

  4. That really is cool and must be kind of surreal too!


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