Sunday, October 7, 2012

Warner Fall Foliage Festival

My Open Studio on Saturday went really well! People tended to come in waves so I didn't get much time to talk with everyone in depth. I did meet a fellow who was trying to discover all 106 of the official Zentangles and he had an impressive stack of finished tiles. I have to track him down for you all - he described an intriguing system he has of cataloging all the tangles.

Lilah and I did face-tangling. Actually, I started out doing all the painting and tattoos myself. But then Lilah slowly took over. At one point she even snitched my paints and took them out to her friend Nathan's booth where she undercut me by working for free! Hey!?

We worked out a compromise eventually.

I am learning that, just as my son considered Wingdoodle to be "his" store when it opened 11 years ago, now, Lilah talks about the new studio shop as "hers"! She is also asking when I will create a line of rubber stamps from her images. We really need to come up with a good name for the new... place. So many people walked in assuming it was Wingdoodle re-opened and I kept stamping my foot (in my mind) and mumbling, "No, it's MY studio!" I've been thinking of calling it BeeHive and BumbleBat. A beehive is where all the busy creatures hang out and create their magic. And Bumblebat is my online store's name... If I could only decide, then I could get a real sign made and start re-training everyone.

Alex performed a scene from Alice in Wonderland (his dance school did it last spring, set to Beatles' music). He was the Mad Hatter and his specialty is twirling knives. In this scene, he gets to cut the cake at the Tea party. :-)

Today, Sunday, I was feeling less than social, so I didn't push myself to open the shop again. Although it was an even bigger crowd than yesterday, I just felt like wandering.

I wandered into the Town Hall where all the crafters are set up - and I found Dianne Klabechek - a former Zentangle student of mine, now a CZT - selling her beautiful tangled cards! Dianne's Zentangle inspired art is worked into the shapes of animals and insects and drew lots of attention from passersby.

 The big attraction on Sunday is the parade. The theme was "Entertainment Through the Years" and there were some very clever floats. I loved the Pirates of the Carribean dinghy, and the Angry Birds were hysterical. The High School band performed music from James Bond movies. This one sounded pretty good... (Alex is playing the saxophone)...

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  1. Awwwe! Now that's one thing I do miss about living "up north". No Fall Festivals in Florida that I know of! Thanks for sharing the videos of your son. He's quite a dancer, and a super sword spinner! The band brings back fond memories. Kudos to you for taking Sunday to wander. Nice to know that others have less than social days too. I'm glad you gave yourself permission to just enjoy the other booths.


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