Monday, October 22, 2012

Retreat Retreat!

We still have a few spots left for the UNTangle Retreat - Holiday Edition in Ogunquit, Maine.
November 9-11, 2012. It's just a few weeks away, but some of us are better at last minute, so now is the perfect time to sign up.

There are a couple of different options depending on your preference - I like to have my own room, others enjoy having a few roommates. If you want your own room, the rate is $875. If you'd like to share a room, the rate is $725, and if you are a commuter, the rate is $500.

These rates include the workshop, most materials, my new book - Joy of Zentangle, meals and snacks, and all those hotel taxes and fees (unmentionable things).

Here are a few visuals to help you decide...

From your room you will see... snow (maybe), sea (definitely), beach and sky
From our playroom you will also see... snow, sea, beach and sky.
The Beachmere is on The Marginal Way - a path that runs along the cliffs from the town of Ogunquit to Perkins Cove
Low-ish tide... have you been wanting to tangle some rocks?
I don't know about you, but I am desperately in need of a break. I get an overwhelming urge to run away from home every Spring and every Fall. I'm overdue for an escape. Where do I run to? The Beachmere Inn in Maine. I usually hole up in my room and write a book, draw Zentangles, watch movies, walk along the cliffs and beach, hunt for beautiful rocks, eat chocolate, and maybe dye my hair. :-) We won't do all those things at this retreat (dying hair is optional!) But here is a schedule of what might happen (subject to change by whim):

Friday, Nov. 9
3pm - Check in to your room, unpack, claim your spot in the playroom and organize your stuff, start tangling if you like. Shop, explore, chat - whatever you like.
Dinner (5:30 or so)
After dinner - Tangle Sampler
Bed - when your eyes start to close

Saturday, Nov. 10
If you get up early, you can take a walk by the ocean.
9:30 Tangle Games
10:30 Very cool Project
Noonish - Long lunch - You can go into town for lunch or eat in the pub. There's time for a walk or shopping or just get back to work if you like.
2:00 Another very cool project
5:30 Dinner
After Dinner - Q&A, Burning questions about Zentangle, tangle make-overs, things you have been dying to ask, a meeting of the minds

Sunday, Nov. 11
9:30 Tangle Games
10:30 work on finishing up Sat. projects and Show and Tell
Noonish - Lunch 
After lunch clean-up and hugs all around.
I will be around all afternoon if people want to chat or pick my brain.

I keep emphasizing that this is a RETREAT. The point is to recharge, relax, collect yourself, get your head back on straight - and in this case - get ready to plunge into the Holiday season. There will be projects and chatting and all that, but you can make it what you want. If you want more quiet and solitude that is fine. Sleep late, do your own thing - just let us know your plans so we can adjust. There is a hot tub, some spa services, every room has its own kitchen. If there are things you can't live without - special coffee or tea or snacks - bring them along. If you like to work with music on, an iPod and headphones may be a good idea. If there are art materials you have been curious about, let me know and I'll bring them if I have them. If you HAVE materials you have purchased, but don't understand, bring them too. Bring any work you have done that you are super proud of and want to show off. Bring work that you are disappointed in and would like ideas for saving or improving. Bring projects that you want to work on, but haven't had time. You get the idea. :-)
I hope to see you there!
Here is the link where you can sign up: Sign Me Up!
Questions about the hotel, food or other practical things can go to Linda Pearl:
Questions about materials or projects, etc. can come to me:

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