Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Spin...

For anyone who had trouble seeing Carolyn's spinner in yesterday's post, here is another shot. This one is much larger and clearer too.

Carolyn's Spinner

And speaking of "spins" - my brain is in a spin. (What's new, right?) This weekend is our town's annual Warner Fall Foliage Festival... in which 30,000 people flood our town of 3,000. They eat fried dough, ride the rides, shop, watch performances... my son is dancing in the street as the Mad Hatter at 2pm on Saturday. Right after the childrens' parade.

I thought I would do some face painting - actually face tangling - but that sounds really... wrong. Now that my studio is right down at ground level, in the middle of the teaming masses, I thought I might pretend I own a store and open it up on Saturday.

I've spent the weekend spray painting an old stamp display. My hands and feet are purple - I think my lungs might be too - and my right hand is cramped in trigger position. I keep telling myself "I can do this. I can do this. And if I change my mind on Friday night - no biggie - no one knows what I was thinking of doing..."
But now, you know.
So, I will have an Open Studio. A test run. Because I am tired of people telling me to get a real job. A store is a real job. I have a store. Therefore... I have a real job! Yeah ME!

But the important part is that people come in and tell me how wonderful the "store" is. OK? You can say things like... "it's very realistic looking!" If you visit me and say something nice, I'll give you a tattoo. If you are really, really nice... I'll put sparkly glitter on your tattoo too! (Tattoo-too?)

Oh - details: this Saturday from 10:30 til... til I can't stand it any longer and run for the fried dough. My new studio is in the store-formerly-known-as-Wingdoodle. It needs its own name, but that discussion is for a different post.


  1. Thanks! I can definitely see the spinner now! Good luck with the "Store". Have fun! :D

  2. Have a great time Sat! If you enjoy yourself, everyone else will too!
    You will do awesome! Wish Ms was closer, I'd be there.
    ; )

  3. you're silly. People will love you and what you do , just like we do. How could they not? So grab a cappachino and a pen and do what you do best. And...have fun.

  4. Good luck! Oh, I don't need to say that--I KNOW it's going to be a fabulous success. I KNOW it!

  5. sandy - i wish i lived near you. i'd come to your store at the festival and say wonderful things - not only about your store - but about you, too! i love your work, and your books - go have fun, girl! sounds like a great time :)

  6. Here's my wonderful thing to say about your store: What a great idea! Not only do you have a "real" job, you are a real piece of work! I hope the sun shines brightly on Saturday and that you are overwhelmed by feelings of success!

  7. The spinners are great! This one is very nice! Woooohooo, Carolyn!
    BTW: in Yoga for Your Brain, you mention ordering spinners. Well, I'm a retired teacher and used to get mine from the local teacher supply store. Had to go there to get some birthday gifts for my grandson and picked up a pack. So if someone can't or does not want to order, check out a teacher store locally.
    Here is another idea from my teaching days: make the spinner back of a thin material, plastic lid from cottage cheese works well. Then make the spinner bases on paper. Cut on line into the middle. Then you can change out the spinner patterns quickly.
    You fall festival sounds wonderful! Enjoy! Purple is good, Sandy!

  8. Yay!!! I have missed wingdoodle so much - will definitely put in an appearance on saturday. Im also going for the glitter tatoo! ox, maryann


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