Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Etsy Craft Party - Wish You Were There!

I just got some great photos from Laurie Strysko that she took at our Etsy Craft Party at the end of August. Etsy has Craft Parties at their Brooklyn, NY offices, but this time they challenged artists all over the world to host our own parties on the same night. The theme was "Wish You Were Here" and we were urged to do crafts based on some feature of our town or local craft or some such thing.

Since I often complain that I seem to live in an alternate reality... I figured we should do something crafty from my town of Wonderland. Giant FLOWERS!!? I had seen a great project on Design Sponge and this seemed like the perfect chance to try it out. The flowers needed cups of cement to anchor them and Daniela jumped up and down saying she had always wanted to play with cement... weird, but I actually know what she means. (Someday we need to do a cement casting and mosaic playday...)

 Donna is what I consider "a professional crafter" - she owns the Queen Bee's Knees shop here in Warner. Most of us struggled to get ONE giant flower attached to our stems - Donna got FOUR on her stem!!! Wow - she's my crafting hero!!

Rosemary had a double blossom.

Me, Rosemary, Daniela, Debbie... (Donna left early, and Laurie is taking the photos)... We ended up with a great group of six ladies. There was a ton of laughter and glue and tissue paper! And some wine and cookies. It was so wonderful for us to all vent and laugh hysterically at each of our misfortunes. As we taped and glued, and sipped and snacked, all the pent up "problems" went up as steam. I really think there is nothing that can't be made to seem funny, even if it is in an ironic sense. I think we all realized that we need more of this hands-on social networking. Get off Facebook and laugh with some real people. Anyone else want to play?

We are going to do another Craft Party for my birthday, September 15th. Our theme this time will be "Queen for a Day," so be sure and wear your tiara. You need to bring a birthday present for yourself. Yes. For YOU! You can spend as much or as little on it, but it has to be something you really want. Wrap it and bring it along to my party. Don't worry, I have already bought my own present too! I'm not sure what we will do as our project, but it will be "royally fun". ;-) If you would like to come to the Sept. party, email me (beezink @ and I'll get you the details. The only guest requirements are an open-mind, a great sense of humor, and a mostly positive outlook. Talent is optional. ;-D

Oh - and since most of us (at this particular party) were divorced, (the dating stories were quite funny!) - we made some jokes about Lonely Hearts Club and such. But Rosemary suggested "Laughing Hearts" and I love that with a small type change... "Laughing heARTS"!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! Wish I could come to your birthday party...and everyone else's unbirthday party :-) Hope it's a blast!

  2. Sandy, I nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog award. Stop by and check it out.


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