Saturday, September 22, 2012

Birthday Week

Well it ended up being a very nice Birthday Week (from Saturday to Saturday).
Here are some highlights...
(the party photos were taken by my personal photographer, my paparazzi-to-go, Laurie Strysko)

 On Sunday, we had a good-bye party for the minister of our church. I created a mandala that we all filled with sand, then Rev. Donoghue took it outside and tossed the sand into the wind. Yes, I filmed it. :-) I'll put some of the pics on Facebook, but let me know (in the comments) if you are interested in knowing more about this project.

Then, I got my new iPhone. :-) I also gave myself a new dress, a new coat, some boots, a bunch of books... ah, yes, the new Lego Haunted House.
What a lovely week.


  1. You know someone really really new to your blog (I have you linked on my blog now for about 3 weeks) I have to say that reading it is a lot like walking into a big noisy crowded room where there is nobody that you know but you can tell everyone is having a good time and ... strangely you feel WELCOME even though you haven't a clue.

    I do smile, however, as your blog conveys a sense of real creative artistic talents along with a pretty eclectic group of very nice friends, some children and the information that you are fairly recently single. (Been there done that.) I have two of your books and adore them. Besides having fireworks for your birthday, flirting with the geeks at Best Buy, and playing with your NEW iPhone (I am an Apple fan but love my iPad), I wonder if you have a 9 to 5? Or is art your sole source of income? Just curious. Anyway...please know that this gal is a total fan. Ginny

    1. Wow! I had no idea that I appear that way!!? I am incredibly introverted, so it was a bit shocking to think of my life as a big noisy room. But I realize that I write about my "life" and IT does seem noisy and chaotic to ME! I am relieved that you feel welcome, because that is definitely my intent. I have learned, that there are others like me out there and I hope to find you all (or maybe just a bunch?)

      As for 9 to 5? That is my nightmare! I actually work more like 11am to 1am. I used to do freelance illustration, run a retail store and teach classes, design rubber stamps, run a mail order stamp biz, sell at stamp shows, paint furniture, sell at craft shows... Now, I write and illustrate books - I market myself and my books, teach classes and teach at retreats, I blog, do guest posts and I'm working on designing some products. The big part of my biz (pays my mortgage?) is selling on Etsy. Filling orders and doing all the data input stuff takes up most of my time. And answering emails. :-) If I could find a way to get paid for answering emails - then I'd start earning some serious moola!! Thinking of starting up one of my rubber stamp companies again, and I do all the house stuff and mom stuff too. 9 to 5? It wouldn't all fit!!

  2. Sounds and looks like a great birthday week! And I love that I am not the only one to buy my own birthday presents. Wishing you good things to brighten your days!

  3. Great Party!
    Sandy, so glad you week turned out so well! A happy, healthy year to you!

  4. Happy Birthday! Loved the cake and all your presents.... What a fantastic week.

    I would love to know more about the sand mandala. Looks like a wonderful project to commemorate someone leaving, etc.

    I am a LEGO fan too have you seen the new lunch boxes?

    See you at the Black Swan I just signed up for the CZT retreat. all the best, Melissa

    1. I've seen the lunch boxes! CUTE! I love the buildings - I still "need" the Macy's type shopping emporium for my Main Street. I'm going to add the haunted house to the street. It will be kind of like "Despicable Me". :-) (the creepy house in between all the respectable brownstones). My favorite-est thing about Lego is the mini-figs! I just love all the teeny people. All the window frames in my studio have mini-figs lined up on them. I even have the old Fabuland animal ones and the now classic space guys... and Robin Hood, Harry Potter, the Universal Monsters, all the Egyptians... I need the little Hobbit guys! If anyone is thinking of chucking their kids piles of Legos, please send me the bodies!

      And I'm looking forward to hanging out with you at the retreat next month!! :-)


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