Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tech-free Weekend

What started out as a punishment for my son... turned into a really fun weekend. My son has a lot of really amazing projects that he is working on, unfortunately, most involve the computer. Garage Band, Google, his blog, a million things to research. But when he is ordered to bed at 9-something (OK, maybe it was 10-something!?) and he "suddenly" remembers homework that is due the next morning....argh!! GROUNDED!! Tech-wise, that is.

But then I started realizing that I am just as bad. Yes, most of my work, my livelihood, is online. But I seem to spend all my other (free?) time online as well. And no real artwork gets created. And I get cranky. And frustrated. And sad. So, Saturday morning I said, "No computers this weekend!" There was a lot of whining, but once I agreed that pajamas could be worn, and no showers were necessary, things started looking up.

My friend Abby had just built this great table for me for my, yes, MY, Legos. My son and I are both Lego (and organization) freaks. Most of my Lego collection is housed in my treehouse in my studio. But I want to clean it out and use it as a quiet, meditation place. And the treehouse is in total disarray after some kids somehow found their way up there and... well, it was horrible. (shiver)

The table had spent the week in the middle of my mudroom and I decided to paint it and get it DONE with. I set my daughter up with some art supplies in the Playroom and started masking the edges of the table. Before I was even finished with that task, she was begging me to let her "help". After the initial panic attack, I realized that smearing black paint all over a piece of furniture might actually appear to be fun to a four year old! And the grounded 13 year old joined us as well. So they painted black areas, I painted the stones, and "Fantasia" played on the TV in the background. My son identified instruments for his sister and they both gave their critiques of the "Nutcracker" arrangements and the variety of fairy fashions displayed. And no paint got on the rug or the pajamas. Amazing!

I just realized that this photo shows a lot more than just the kids working. Besides one ear of our cat Lilo, and the leg of Lilah's high chair that I painted (lower right), you can see part of a mural I painted on the coat closet in the background. We have a very... odd... mudroom! It was originally part of my studio and where I made rubber stamps. The room in the background was my art studio. Now we don't know what to call it - the Art Room/Music Room/Playroom? We've always been a bit ahead of architectural fashions. But someday, everyone will have a room with drafting tables, musical instruments, Lego tables and a Wii. ("Family Room" just doesn't quite fit.)

Lilah painted portraits of "ME" and then filled them in with paint. When Alex joined us, she become more competitive about filling more space than he did with paint. But I let her use my good brush and taught her not to "scrub." Life is good!

I am told that this is still in progress. Diagon Alley will be set up below.


  1. Kind of like when the power goes off and you have to think of something to do besides watch TV! Glad you had a god time, and love the stones you painted.

  2. Brilliant! I've been having the same (ongoing) realization about my own computer usage. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if I'm even working!

    (Table looks awesome, of course.)

  3. How fun Sandy !!! It's awesome you turned a task (painting table) into fun for all !! Love the table and the uhhhh...Whatever room !! How about a peak up to the tree house ? You raised my curiosity !! lol !! xxxxx....Kristy

  4. I love Legos too! Would love to see some really good pictures of that great table and the setup when it is finished!

  5. How fun. Love your "Activity" room too. :)


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